A automobile crash claimed the life of a father’s son.

A spot has been reserved along the side of a lonely road in honor of a father who lost his son in an automobile accident. Every night in the dark, the man entered this location alone.

A young man was killed in a sad car accident in Richmond, California, in 2003. Ray Olson owned the child. Ray wanted to create a hallowed site where his child had died because he was so grieved by what had happened. When Ray discovered that Chevron owned the property, he assumed the multi-billion dollar corporation would forbid him from creating a specific place in honor of his son.

Ray built this place himself, without the owner’s permission.
He decided to keep it a secret because he thought no one would know about it. Every night, Ray returned to the scene of his son’s death, plagued by anguish.

He one night discovered a ticket stating that something else would be constructed where his construction was after nearly 13 years of nothing. Ray was worried about that place since it was his only connection to his past, just like his kid was.

When he first heard the news, he believed they would burn down the building and take away the only thing that brought him comfort. But after reading the whole thing, he was shocked. He had no idea that the business would build a brand-new memorial at the scene of his son’s 13-year-old passing.

The business collaborated to create a beautiful memorial with a long inscription for Ray’s kid. The plaque states that the memorial was built in Ray’s son’s honor and memory.

The business also constructed a seat adjacent to the memorial for anyone who wishes to visit the site where Ray’s child died too soon in addition to this incredible act of charity on Ray’s behalf.
A Chevron representative named Joe Lorenz asserted that Ray was in this location and that he was no longer had to go there at night to hide.

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