A guy and his dog have been living alone in a cave for twenty-five years. Now explore the cave’s inside!

Despite the conveniences that come with modern technology and its developments, I find it surprising that some individuals still use antiquated equipment.

Consider the 67-year-old guy who constructed this cave, demonstrating that aging was not a barrier to his ability to complete such a massive effort.

With little money in hand, he toiled diligently on his project using simple home tools like a shovel and cart.

Despite not having a formal education, he believes that people would recognize the quality of his handiwork.

When the guy started digging his cave in 1987, he had no idea that it would grow to be as well-known and popular as it is now, with a variety of artifacts hanging on its walls. Ra Paulet’s caves are so beautiful that it is hard to put a value on them.

The man is presently working on his fifteenth cave, which he claims will be his most spectacular to yet. He has already finished fourteen caverns. See the video below for more information.

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