A retired couple traveled on cruise ships for over 500 days since it was less expensive than a retirement home.

Traveling after retirement is a luxury and a dream for many people. Still, a lot of senior couples are fulfilling that desire. One person in particular has been living aboard a cruise ship as it looks like a more affordable option than other forms of lodging.

Living on a Cruise Ship Has a Low Cost

Many families are struggling in the present economy as a result of post-pandemic impacts and inflation. For some, the rising costs of house ownership or renting are becoming intolerable. As a result, people are become more creative. Many people have chosen to live in modest dwellings or cargo containers on a parcel of land. Some people have purchased vans or vehicles and turned the rear into living space. Meanwhile, a retired couple has spent over 500 days living on a cruise ship.

“This is an extraordinarily unique market because of the pandemic and because there was such a run on housing, you have very high home prices as well as very high rent prices,” says senior climate and real estate journalist Diana Olick.

In light of that, Jess and Marty Ansen have found the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Plus, it’s less expensive than traditional houses. The couple, who have a passion for the sea, embarked on a Coral Princess cruise in June 2022 and have been enjoying themselves ever since. When discussing his lucky life decisions, Marty said, “Look, whatever comes, book it.”

While traveling, the two have been living more affordably than at a retirement home. They also have endless travel opportunities and a higher standard of living. Together, the two have done over 50 cruises. Numerous more benefits have been demonstrated to come with living on a cruise ship. Some examples of ways to keep an active lifestyle include to have access to fine dining and cleaning services, as well as a range of hobbies like gaming and ballroom dancing. “We don’t need to wash up or make the bed anymore.” Jess laughed.

Creating New Friends

The couple has also disclosed that living aboard a cruise ship has enabled them to form several new personal connections, as opposed to living in a traditional retirement home. They have gotten to know the passengers as well as the personnel. The ship’s hotel manager, Ren van Rooyen, says they have even become a “familiar fixture.”

The depressing realities of the economy

By December of the same year that the Ansen family began living aboard a cruise ship, it was becoming clear that the rest of the nation would not have enough homes. It seems that over half a million individuals have lost their homes in the last year. This indicates that nearly 18 out of every 10,000 individuals are struggling to make ends meet, let alone pay for their rent or mortgage, let alone keep up with the escalating costs of utilities and groceries. The average person has relatively little money to spend on travel or leisure. Just like it was at the end of the previous year, renting a house was actually less expensive than buying one. The financial pressure that many Americans experience is further exacerbated by the fact that interest rates are at an all-time high.

Furthermore, a significant rise in population since 2020 is anticipated. Regretfully, it doesn’t appear that things will get much better, which means that a growing number of families will likely face difficulties in the next years, if not decades.

Additional Motives for Relocating to a Cruise Ship

Nonetheless, there are easy fixes, like retiring and living on a cruise ship. The Ansen family discovered that living aboard a cruise ship has proven to be more economical because, for the most part, food and entertainment are included in the cost, with occasional free eating for kids. Furthermore, there are other advantages to living aboard a cruise ship than financial ones. The chance to see more is another motivation to strive to live aboard a cruise ship. Families looking to see several locations in one vacation could choose cruises. rather without having to make many hotel reservations or pack and unpack.

Living aboard a cruise ship is also a great idea because many of them are family-friendly, meaning there is plenty to keep everyone busy and yet time for families to spend together, bond, and make memories. There are also a ton of options to customize your trip, starting with the length of stay and ship size. Perhaps others might prefer a more intimate ship and a shorter voyage. On the other hand, some might like the excitement of socializing, dining, shopping, and engaging in thrilling activities all in one location.

Traveling is a highly desired goal for many individuals, but the Ansen family has managed to elevate the experience even higher. They’re traveling the world and saving money on living expenses by residing aboard a cruise ship, which is something that most people are always trying to do.

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