A woman with simple attire and a dejected countenance walked inside a grocery.

A woman with a gloomy look entered a supermarket wearing simple attire.

She approached the store owner and asked if she may take some products and pay later.

Her husband was seriously ill and unable to work, she said, adding that they had seven children and were in need of food.

Unmoved, the business owner requested that the woman be taken out of the building by security. The mother kept appealing as she thought about her family:

If you’ll pardon me, I’ll make payment as soon as I can. The owner of the shop claimed that he was unable to provide a stranger meals on credit. The conversation was being heard by a customer who was seated close to the store’s entrance.

The customer approached the business owner and inquired about his wife’s shopping, but he ignored her. The company owner asked the woman over the phone, “Do you have a shopping list?” She responded.

I agree, sir. Put your list on the scales, and as you weigh it, I’ll feed you, he replied. After a brief moment of doubt, he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote about it upside down. The woman hesitantly placed the paper on the scales after that.

The scales fell as soon as I did it, like I had dropped a stone on them. The customer and the business owner both looked in astonishment at him.

She didn’t even stir when the store owner started putting food on the scales. The owner eventually ran out of patience and took out the piece of paper when additional food was added and the scales continued to be off.

Instead of a grocery list, it was a prayer that started, “Lord, the Lord knows my needs; I leave this situation in Your hands.”

The proprietor of the shop handed her every piece of food indicated on the scales as the client walked out.

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