After eating Thanksgiving cake, the well-known athlete passes away in his father’s arms a few hours later.

After eating Thanksgiving cake, the well-known athlete passes away in his father’s arms a few hours later.

At the age of eleven, Oakley Debbs was on vacation with his family in Maine over Thanksgiving. In addition to being an excellent athlete and having asthma and food allergies, the West Palm Beach, Florida, youngster had all As in school.

For the occasion, his family had purchased a Thanksgiving basket, and Oakley decided to only have a slice of cake from the pre-made goodies.

His family and friends launched a campaign to help raise awareness and prevent others from going through the same thing after the devastating events that followed.

Despite having nut allergies and asthma, Oakley enjoyed running marathons, soccer, football, and tennis. Because of his battle against these ailments, his family referred to him as a “brave and strong warrior.”

On November 24, at their home in Maine, Oakley decided to have a slice of the pound cake that was left out on the kitchen table. Merrill Debbs, Oakley’s mother, stated that her son always checked the labels before consuming anything and never saw any nuts.

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Robert Debbs, his father, stated, “He thought it was easy.” “However, he came over and said it might have nuts after he finished it.” When his mother sampled some and concurred that it tasted like nuts, it was determined to be walnut.

“Merrill did what we always do; she gave him Benadryl pills,” Robert remarked. “When he returned, he told me he felt fine.” At that moment, the only indication that he was unwell was a hive on his lip.

However, Oakley reported that he began vomiting up shortly after and that his chest ached. When the ambulance arrived, ten minutes after his parents’ 911 call, he was blue. Both Oakley’s waves and his heart had stopped racing.

I was requested to write this letter by Robert J. Debbs Merrill Debbs and Oakley’s twin sister Olivia Debbs. My heart is heavy when I…

This was written by Tyler Debbs Squire on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

After that, the family had to cope with the horrific loss and come to terms with Oakley’s unsalvageability.

Merrill remarked, “My wonderful, talented, adorable, and beautiful son shouldn’t have died.”

The Red Sneaker Foundation was founded by the family to educate others about the warning signals of anaphylaxis, an allergic response that can be lethal and impact many organs at once.

Because Oakley cherished his red sneakers, his family chose to utilize them as a potent symbol to raise awareness of and understanding of food allergies in local communities.

On December 1, 2016, a Thursday, Red Sneakers For Oakley posted:

Experts advise using the medication epinephrine as soon as possible, especially in cases when the signs of an allergic response are not severe.

“My child was a rock star and a good, good kid,” Merrill remarked. I also always knew, deep down, that he would turn his life around. I just had no idea that it would occur after his passing. My motivation thus stems in large part from Oakley’s legacy.

Please tell this story to raise awareness among the public about the potential dangers of food allergies and what can be done to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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