An 8-year-old claims to have seen the true face of Jesus while painting a masterful portrait of him.

The ethereal painting “Prince of Peace,” which Akiane Kramarik created at the age of eight, was restored as a masterpiece following sixteen years of being kept hidden, stolen, and missold.

The 28-year-old best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Akiane has said that she was driven to create her masterwork, “Prince of Peace,” which stands for a “profound role model for humanity,” by a recurring “visionary inspiration.”

When she was nine years old, she showcased one of her masterpieces on the Oprah Show: a Jesus painting inspired by her very deliberate brushstrokes that she named “Prince of Peace.”

It’s obvious that you have skill. Where is this coming from? Oprah asked Akiane.

“It comes from God,” the young prodigy said with firmness.

In an interview when Akiane was ten years old, she was questioned about how she knew it was God speaking to her. “Because I hear His voice,” she said. He has a nice, sweet voice.

Strangely, Akiane was raised by a family in a small Idaho town that wouldn’t talk about their religious views.

It was more than just art being made. Forelli Kramarik, Akiane’s mother, asserted that a spiritual awakening coincided with the creative awakening. She was reared in an atheist household in Lithuania. Everything began to happen when she began to discuss her visions and dreams. My spouse was formerly a Catholic and did not follow the family’s morals. We did not discuss God, we did not pray together, and we did not attend church. That’s when Akiane started talking about God.

Akiane’s mother claims that her daughter was homeschooled, had no television or babysitters, and was uninfluenced by anybody outside the house. Since we were always surrounded by the kids, we knew Akiane’s claims about God weren’t the result of outside forces. But suddenly, when we would get into long, meaningful conversations about God’s love and His role in our life, she would speak into great detail.

Akiane claims that the image was sparked by a childhood fantasy.

Her original plan was to use poetry and other literary works to illustrate her views, but in the end she decided that “it was too complex to describe through words so I painted.”

She said, “I talk and think about Jesus all the time.” I once told my family to pray constantly for the right model in hopes that God would send one after I searched for a very long time without finding one.

A extremely tall carpenter and artisan who looked like Jesus showed up to the family’s door seeking for employment after they had prayed. Akiane believed she was going to pass out when she first saw him. “I informed my mom that was him,” she thought back. “I want him to serve as my mentor,”

Akiane was motivated to build the priceless masterpiece known as the “Prince of Peace,” which is now renowned all over the globe, by a vision she witnessed of a carpenter.

The “Prince of Peace” painting was on its way to an exhibition when it was stolen; the young artist’s precise and vivid talents were astounding.

When Akiane returned it a few years later, she found that sawdust had adhered to it during shipment, which she meticulously removed.

The family’s plans to exhibit Akiane’s spiritually inspired image were derailed by a bureaucratic error, despite their best attempts to share it with the world.

In order to concentrate on producing other pieces that would eventually be praised worldwide, Akiane sold “Prince of Peace” to a private collector after losing a lengthy court struggle to recover the painting, which was at the time kept in a dim staircase.

Akiane’s family was able to escape poverty because to her abilities, and she held onto the hope that one day she would meet her “Prince of Peace.”

During this period, she traveled to more than 30 countries, teaching locals how to paint and sharing the good news of spirituality and peace with all sorts of people. She sold almost 100,000 copies in order to maintain “Prince of Peace” in people’s minds.

In 2019, something miraculous happened.

The $850,000 buyers of “Prince of Peace” are reportedly “one of the most distinguished and esteemed families in the world.”

The recently formed family considers itself to be the caretakers of the original. They believe it is their responsibility to protect this masterpiece for next generations so that millions of people might still be inspired by its message.

After almost twenty years, Akiane dried her tears and bent down as she gently unwrapped the package that contained her cherished “Prince of Peace.” When asked about her favorite piece of art in a recent interview with CBS, Akiane said, “It was amazing to me.” “To be able to see this into the light once more” after all these years.

“To me, it still feels surreal,” she went on. I’m not telling lies.Love has great power. It will always reach the people who need it the most on time.

The well-known piece of art “Prince of Peace” is on display in the exhibition “Akiane: The Early Years” at the Bel√≥ved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas.

It is hard to dispute Akiane Kramarik’s extraordinary skill, even if one does not subscribe to her Christian faith. Which of her creations appeals to you the most, if any?

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