An beautiful supper is being enjoyed by an elderly couple.

A very old couple is celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary with an excellent supper. The elderly guy gets up close to his wife and quietly whispers, “Dear, there is something I must ask you.

The fact that our tenth kid never exactly resembled the other nine has always concerned me. Now that I’ve been alive for 75 years, I want to reassure you that it has been the most amazing experience I could have ever wished for, and your response cannot change that.

I need to know, though, whether his father was different. The woman bows her head, unwilling to meet her husband’s eyes, ponders for a second, then admits. “Yes. He did, indeed. The truth of what his wife was confessing left the old guy profoundly upset; it affected him more severely than he had anticipated.

He says, “Who?,” with a tear in his eye. He was who? The father, who was he? Once more, the elderly woman droops her head, initially remaining silent as she struggles to find the strength to tell her husband the truth. She eventually responds, “You.”

She yells at her father, “You are NOT getting divorced,” and makes an urgent call to Florida. Don’t take any action till I arrive. We’ll both be there tomorrow, and I’m going to phone my brother back. Don’t do anything till then, do you hear me?

She ends the call. In addition to hanging up the phone, Earl turns to face his wife Maxine. “Sorted! They are traveling for Christmas and covering all of their own expenses.

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