Before he passed away, he expressed his thoughts about the afterlife.

He was a revolutionary in theoretical physics, and because of his brilliance, people were curious about what he thought about God and the afterlife. In numerous interviews and writings, he discussed the possibility of a greater power and an afterlife.

When asked if he believed in God, Hawking’s reaction was unequivocal. He held that there was no proof of a higher power and that the universe could be explained by scientific principles.

During an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, he claimed that “it is natural to believe that God created the universe before we understand science.” Modern science, however, provides a more rational response.

Hawking had religious convictions that did not belong to any one particular faith. He claimed that all religions were founded on the same concepts of faith, but he provided no scientific evidence to back this up. He is anti-religious.

They expanded on these concepts in “The Grand Design,” a book that Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow co-authored. He claimed that the cosmos had not been created by a divine creator, but by the rules of physics.

Because there is a law similar to gravity, the universe “can and will create itself from nothing,” he wrote. In contrast to nothing, there is something; the cosmos and our existence are the result of spontaneous creation.

Even Hawking’s beliefs about the afterlife were backed by research. He thought the idea of an afterlife was pure imagination. He remarked in his final essay, “Brief Answers to the Big Questions,”

“Neither the universe nor the course of our lives were predetermined by anyone.” My unexpected conclusion as a result of this is that there most likely isn’t a Heaven or an afterlife.I think having faith in a hereafter is wishful thinking. It contradicts everything we know about science and there is no trustworthy evidence.

Nevertheless, Hawking does not ignore other people’s beliefs in order to impose his own. He continued that he believed the most straightforward explanation is that there is no God. We are all entitled to hold any beliefs we choose, he said.

Stephen Hawking’s views on God and religion were inspired by his experiences as a mathematician and his desire to understand the cosmos through physical laws. His contributions to science will be revered and valued for a very long time, despite the fact that his theories differed from those of others.

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