Before the coronation, Prince George convinced King Charles to break royal convention out of fear of being bullied.

This past weekend, Prince George took part in one of the most distinguished duties at his grandfather’s coronation. The ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey, with the young prince acting as Page of Honor.

There are various centuries-old royal customs, such as how and what to eat, as well as how to stand and behave in specific circumstances. Naturally, there was a lot of debate over how important the coronation’s clothing code was.

Prince George chose his own clothing for King Charles’ special day. Before the coronation, the 9-year-old allegedly visited his grandfather and convinced him to become a Christian. The cause? It’s quite depressing.

The inauguration of King Charles will definitely be seen as a huge triumph, at least among monarchy enthusiasts. The event was flawless, with thousands of Londoners lining the streets to support the royals.

The coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey was seen by millions of people, despite the protests of many who think the Royal Family’s presence is an unneeded luxury in the modern day.

According to statistics, 20 million Britons watched the end of the historic event on Saturday, making it the most viewed TV program of the year. It got far fewer views than the burial of Queen Elizabeth II, which was broadcast in September of last year and reportedly drew 29 million viewers.

Following their faultless Westminster Abbey wedding, the royal couple celebrated their beautiful day with the traditional handshake on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as planes flew by. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis welcomed spectators in front of the Palace alongside their parents, Prince William and Kate.

There is no denying that King Charles and Queen Camilla stole the show on the day of the coronation. Prince George, who would later become king, was given the privilege of serving as one of the Pages of Honor, a hint that the Royal Family was progressively giving him more and more power.

Though it will be several years before he is anticipated to begin working full-time, it’s intriguing to see that he is already preparing for his future obligations.

Prince George was clearly the focus of attention on the day of the coronation. Following the event, social media users complimented him for the admirable way he carried out his duties.

According to reports, George’s parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, went above and above to prepare him for the coronation.

The Prince and Princess of Wales made an attempt to provide George with the resources he needed to succeed, despite it appearing that they had previously battled about whether or not their oldest son was prepared for a big part in the coronation. He had a particular sort of instruction, according to royal expert and historian Ingrid Seward, together with his younger siblings Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Despite the fact that Kate and William had never attended a coronation, they were given a complete schedule of Charles’ big day. According to reports, the royals wouldn’t be practicing before the occasion, but Will and Kate felt it was important to show their support for George in the greatest way possible.

They allegedly chose the quite exciting theatrical strategy.

Before the coronation, author and royal authority Ingrid Seward stated, “She and William hope George won’t be too daunted by his responsibilities by making it fun and re-enacting parts of what their grandfather will be doing.”

He will participate in the King’s Procession along Westminster Abbey’s nave with the other three.

In addition, William and Kate gave their kids a “virtual tour” of Westminster Abbey before the big ceremony using their computers.

“Whatever apprehension George might experience as the youngest page will be lessened if he can see where he has to go and what he needs to accomplish. According to Seward, the three other boys vary in age from 12 to 13.

The royal expert stated, “He will also have to get used to the idea of wearing the red-coated livery and lace of a page of honor, as I can’t see him going in a jacket and tie.”

When the late Queen’s coronation took place when Prince Michael of Kent was 11 years old, he recounts how his friends made fun of him for dressing up and derided his buckle shoes and dark green velvet jacket. George, according to Seward, has likely been the object of some taunts.

But on that particular day, he will triumph over his buddies. With him present, they won’t watch TV, but he will. He will never forget it, for sure.

The variety of coronation attire proved to be quite a show. Government figures from all across the world showed up well-dressed, with some using the occasion to honor their nation’s traditional attire.

Kate Middleton donned an official robe over an ivory silk Alexander McQueen gown, while Prince William wore the ceremonial dress uniform of the Welsh guards. According to CNN, embroidered silver bullion roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks were used to represent the numerous different countries that make up the United Kingdom.

As was already indicated, some of the international visitors dressed more traditionally. For instance, the Crown Princess Kiko and Prince Akishino of Japan wore patterned silk kimonos and obi belts to conceal their morning uniforms. Bhutan’s Queen Jetsun Pema and King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck both wore traditional clothing.

According to CNN, the Bhutanese King and Queen both wore traditional wrap dresses called ghos, while Queen Jetsun Pema wore a lilac-colored kira.

As a Page of Honor, Prince George dressed in unusual, era-appropriate attire. However, the young prince had already made up his mind to speak with his grandpa, King Charles, and let him know that he chose to dress differently.

According to The Daily Mail, nine-year-old George convinced King Charles to alter the exclusive attire worn by the Pages of Honor.

Why? According to legend, the future king was terrified of being teased by his classmates.

“George, one of four pages assisting the monarch, voiced his concerns about having to wear white knee breeches,” the Mail stated.

According to a royal insider, Prince George was reluctant to wear tights as well due to potential “ribaldry at school.”

Currently, one may assume that royal traditions are difficult to alter or irrevocable. King Charles has historically been somewhat open to modernizing the monarchy in terms of customs and the concept of lowering the number of working royals.

It is said that King Charles listened to George’s recommendations when they met to discuss the topic of clothing for the coronation.

The King’s approval was required before the breeches and tights were converted into pants. Charles was unable to protest. He had already made up his mind to wear naval pants instead of his own breeches.

His tailor was annoyed by him for continuing to wear the tights-only strapped court shoes. His trousers were said to be wrinkled by the media.

Prince George’s attendance at his grandfather’s ceremony is believed to have sparked a “bit of an argument” between his parents, despite months of predictions that he would play a significant role during the coronation.

According to one expert, Prince William and Kate Middleton were concerned about the strain being put on the young royal.

Tom Quinn, a royal expert and author, claims that William and Kate were concerned that the strain would be too much for the young prince.

In a statement to the Express, he added, “I’ve heard through my sources that there is a little bit of a debate going on as to whether George should take a more official position. By hearsay, Kate and William are reportedly concerned that he won’t be able to take it.

The prospect that William and Kate believe they are putting their child under too much pressure to attend a job interview was also raised by a royal insider.

According to the royal source, they “cognize that he is old enough to understand what’s going on.”

They are aware, however, that when George and his friends return to school the following week, regular life will resume and the actions from the weekend will definitely come up in conversation.

In retrospect, it is obvious that the Prince and Princess of Wales had no cause for concern during the coronation. In the most lavish of royal surroundings, their eldest son put on a wonderful performance, but only time will tell what Prince George’s future holds.

According to reports, the little prince warned his friends to “watch out” since his father will soon become king. All indications point to the young Prince George beginning to comprehend his position within the monarchy and the responsibilities he will have going forward.

Katie Nicholl, a royal analyst and author, said that Prince George is aware that he is “very different” from his siblings Charlotte and Louis. She made this assertion a few years ago. This is due to the fact that he regularly “gets taken away” for royal obligations, such picture sessions with his late queen, grandpa, and father.

George “understands that he is in a special position,” according to Nicholl. All of Princess Catherine and Prince William’s children must be treated equally.

His future as a ruler is “being introduced to him gradually” according to the great plan.

According to Nicholl, who made this comment in July 2020, he isn’t fully aware of the magnitude of what his life would be in the future.

“I think George is aware of his differences from his younger brother and sister and that he will have a different destiny, just as William was from a very young age,” she said, comparing George to William.

How did Prince George come across as the Page of Honor at the coronation, in your opinion?

Do you anticipate that he will rule someday, too? To let us know what you think, share this story with your Facebook friends and relations.

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