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In 2021, the “Pawn Stars” Instagram account bragged that “all-new episodes return with some of the weirdest, oldest, and rarest items we’ve ever seen.” It’s a challenging assignment for a software that has been running since 2009, too.

According to Reuters, “Pawn Stars” reportedly became “the most-watched program on ad-supported cable” within a year of its premiere. Because of the episode, History saw its highest viewership numbers ever. It is hardly surprising, however, that despite the numerous problems and controversies that have plagued the program, the network has been hesitant to end it.

There may obviously be some disagreement and embarrassment while you’re photographing a 24-hour pawnshop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also employed in the Gold & Silver Pawn shop are the colorful Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Rick Harrison, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey’s longtime pal. Given the actors, the nature of the company, and the distinctly diverse range of clients they deal with on a daily basis, “Pawn Stars” was always likely to supply the drama, both on and off-camera. But the level of drama is way above all expectations. Prepare the popcorn because we will be analyzing the huge scandals that rocked Pawn Stars.

The cast of “Pawn Stars” has encountered the law quite a bit. 2014 saw them involved in another legal controversy, this time for reportedly melting down a number of stolen ancient coins. According to ABC News, David Walters allegedly filed a criminal complaint with the Clark County Justice Court alleging that his niece Jennifer Beckman stole his priceless coin collection in 2013 and then sold it to the Gold & Silver Pawn company.

The angry uncle said that the genuine value of his collection was more in the vicinity of $50,000 while Walters claimed that the loot Beckman brought to Gold & Silver “netted a total of $12,375.” When Walters discovered the missing coins, he immediately called the police, but by the time the police got in touch with Gold & Silver Pawn, the missing coins “were already gone.”

“To the best of my knowledge, the coins may have been melted down as they are unidentifiable,” a company official told Fox News. These might have been sold. They might be sitting in coin-filled buckets while they wait to be evaluated. Afterwards, the official refuted Walters’ claim that the valuation was $50,000. The actress said, “These coins were worth substantially less than the gentleman felt they were worth,” underscoring the point that none of the “Pawn Stars” cast members had engaged in any misconduct or illegal activity.

A wide variety of persons are dealt with by pawnbrokers, including those who are cash-strapped, desperate, opportunistic, and regular Joes just looking for a good deal. After years of dealing with them, Rick Harrison detailed his client’s “deals and thefts” in an interview with NPR.

Harrison said that the business is busiest when a significant boxing match is taking place. I don’t know what it is with fight enthusiasts, he commented. They frequently place bets for amounts greater than they can afford to lose. Harrison then admitted that he frequently acts informally as a bail bondsman for a certain demographic of his clientele—pimpers. When they get caught, they always have someone carry their valuables down to me, he continued. It will be their bond; I’ll lend them half of what they spent for it.

The fact that the second generation pawnbroker enjoys the pimp lifestyle does not imply that he has a liberal perspective on all aspects of society. Far from it, in fact. Harrison’s transphobia came to light during a CNN interview where he talked about his love for Marco Rubio. He said that in other places, a man who feels like a woman is permitted to use the women’s restroom. “I can guarantee that some very bad men who want to use a restroom with young women will exploit it. It will happen if you pass a law that is similar to that.

On a night out in Jefferson City in 2014, perhaps fueled by drink, Corey Harrison performed for the appropriately named Spectators Bar. According to RadarOnline, while on a sponsored motorbike trip, Corey and a couple of his riding colleagues decided to make a stop at the state’s capital. Harrison allegedly partied hard for seven nights straight before going out. “Corey had been drinking every evening while on the road with us for the entire week. But this particular night, a witness said, he was visibly drunk. “It was obvious that things would not go well the moment we entered the bar. He was becoming so obnoxious and intoxicated that you could just feel a nasty situation developing.

Maybe influenced by Missouri’s nickname of “Show Me State,” Harrison drank “copious amounts of shots” before exposing himself and urinating in front of the audience. He peed on a bar stool and was “very delighted” about it, the insider told Radar, adding that a staff member had to mop up the mess with a towel. The show was still going on, though. After posing for fan photos with his pants down and being asked to leave the event, Harrison “picked up a barstool and tossed it.”

Eventually, Corey apologized for the drunken accident. He revealed to E! News, “Certainly not my best moment. “I sincerely apologize to everyone for my conduct. I genuinely regret this.

During the course of the show’s 19 seasons, the cast has accumulated fortune. History pegs Rick Harrison’s net worth at $8 million. A total of $5 million has been amassed by Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell. It is not surprising that the network has done well given the show’s success. In a 2014 analysis by Celebrity Net Worth, it was revealed that History makes a respectable $3 million per episode.

Nevertheless, trickle-down economics do not apply in the world of reality television. According to The New York Daily News, “Pawn Stars” producers were singled out as violators and production companies in the entertainment sector were accused of “wage theft.” According to a 2013 survey by The Writers Guild of America East, producers and screenwriters “lose $30,000 a year in unpaid salary by working without breaks and overtime benefits.” When you factor in the additional people working behind the scenes, the lost revenue comes to an astounding $40 million. According to producer David Van Taylor, “I’ve known people to work up to 100 hours in a given week when shooting.” “That extra labour is not being compensated.”

According to the WGAE, “Pawn Stars” producers and writers “get a minimum of just $2,136 a week.”

But, the same slots “bring down $6,712” for scripted series. In 2015, Leftfield Entertainment employees who were dissatisfied with their working conditions made the decision to join a union in the hopes that the WGAE’s ability to engage in collective bargaining would result in more fair pay and working conditions. This is according to Variety.

When Olivia Black, a “Pawn Stars” cast member, responded to a Craigslist ad for an overnight pawnshop worker, she had no idea that she would become famous. Black acknowledged in the “Pawn Stars” introduction video that she “hadn’t fully realized exactly what I had applied for.” I was therefore quite surprised to learn what was happening.

After 13 episodes, “Pawn Stars” was cancelled, putting an end to her career on reality television. “Two days after I received a call from the Pawn Stars producers advising me that my skills were no longer necessary on the show,” she said in a Reddit AMA after the National Enquirer published a piece about her on December 15, 2012, linking to her SuicideGirls images. Black was permitted to carry on working at the store but was forbidden from having his picture taken.

After a few months, she did resign from her job. Black informed Fox411 that she planned to sue Leftfield Pictures since it was “very evident” that her employment at the studio was coming to an end. “Her termination was painful and hurried, and I believe the public needs additional explanations,” Black’s representative stated. She felt no ill will against the pawnbroker staff, who had publicly backed her in spite of the controversy. She said to RadarOnline, “Knowing that the guys at the pawnshop are on my side, supportive of me, and honestly could care less what I chose to do in my personal life is incredibly comforting.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell is unquestionably the most dishonest cast member of “Pawn Stars.” According to a 2012 article from TMZ, he was caught on camera fighting with a man in Hollywood before escaping the scene. The victim was left hurt and battered by the side of the road, but Chumlee insisted he used “self-defense” because the man “threatening to draw a firearm” on him and his pals. Simply said, instinct took over. “[The man] didn’t even realize I was on TV or anything,” he told TMZ. I simply intended to cause trouble while we were driving.

But, Chumlee’s involvement in the controversy four years later could not be justified. Russell was imprisoned in 2016 after being hauled into custody “on suspicion of 20 charges,” according to the Chicago Tribune. In the course of their investigation into Russell’s alleged sexual assault, the police conducted a raid on his residence, which resulted in the arrest. The sexual assault charges were ultimately dismissed, but Chumlee was faced with a new legal battle as a result of what was learned during the raid.

According to TMZ, police allegedly seized “a big laundry list of narcotics” including Xanax, meth, and cannabis. In addition, they discovered indications of cocaine and 12 weapons, eight of which were not registered. Chumlee ultimately decided to plead guilty to stay out of jail. According to USA Today, Russell pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge, unlawful possession of a firearm, and a gross misdemeanor of attempted drug possession.

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