Cardiologist aged 83: If your blood pressure is over 140/80, drink two tablespoons of salt instead of chemotherapy.

Professor Dr. Gabriel Tatu is a doctor and professor at a university. He is renowned for using non-drug therapies to treat patients. Meanwhile, everyone who visits him gets well. Famous personalities and patients from different EU nations are among the professor’s patients.

Professor Dr. Gabriel Tatu tries to spend more time serving patients by avoiding interviews. For those patients who are unable to register at the clinic, our channel’s reporter is fortunate since the renowned physician has consented to answer a few questions.

Everyone may do a healing blood vessel treatment at home and significantly improve their health and wellbeing, according to PROF. DR. Gabriel Tatu. A cleansing like this helps retirees with their nine chronic illnesses and blood pressure.

The doctor explained how to perform the cleansing therapy below. The content also covers subjects like:

Without medications, it is possible to live to 120!
Why are chronic, incurable illnesses and filthy vessels so closely related?
Signs of unclean vessels both subtly and visibly
Your deadly killer is the dirt in your vessels.

Dr. Gabriel Tatu, professor

I’ll give you some information that I hope will get you thinking.
Heart and vascular disorders are the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Cholesterol is the primary cause of their occurrence in old age. It turns out that the most harmful material on the world is cholesterol. More individuals are killed by this chemical than by alcohol, nicotine, and narcotics combined.

If a person does not survive to reach 80 years old, cholesterol has killed them 94% of the time.

Health is destroyed by cholesterol. People may live to be 120 years old without any difficulties if it didn’t build up in the vessels.

How does cholesterol appear and what does it signify? I will not describe this substance as it is written in medical textbooks. I’ll explain it simply. Think of the chilly fat that remains on a dirty skillet after dinner. That’s about how cholesterol seems.

Due to its presence in the blood, this material deposits on the blood vessel walls. A tiny plaque forms initially (about 20–25 years), then when more particles cling to the sticky coating, the cholesterol layer expands quickly (between 25–40 years). Because of this, BY THE AGE OF 40 CHOLESTEROL NARROWS THE LUMEN IN THE VESSELS NEARLY TWICE. The heart’s only option in reaction is to exert more pressure. One experiences pressure spikes and age-related hypertension with all of its negative effects. However, even that is not riskier!

The fact that cholesterol totally plugs the small veins that pierce all tissues makes it far more harmful. Internal organ pathological processes arise as a result of blood supply impairment. On top of this, the person begins to have chronic illnesses.

After the spleen and stomach get sick, hepatic and pancreatic stenosis will eventually develop. In these situations, it is typically claimed that the person starts to lose their health. The substance that usually starts this process is cholesterol.

Literally everything depends on how the body’s vessels are doing. Vascular obstruction on the legs can result in varicose veins, chronic edema, and a lifelong feeling of weight on the legs. If in the liver, cirrhosis and liver disease develop; if in the joints, arthritis and arthrosis or back pain develop. The person will progressively lose their vision if the vessels in their eyes are blocked.

It is impossible to prevent the boats from becoming fouled! It builds up in each person’s vessels. The vessels age quickly because of dirt in them.

A CHAIN REACTION OF AGING IN THE BODY IS CAUSED BY CHOLESTEROL. Additionally, the fouling of the vessels shortens lives less than what nature intended.

People frequently only live to 70 years old instead of 120 years (this resource is placed into our organs)! Age-related hypertension is more common in people in their 40s and 50s. It is, incidentally, one of the most blatant signs of blood vessel clogging.

Not cholesterol itself, but blood arteries that are contaminated by these things!

Dr. Gabriel Tatu, professor

In addition to cholesterol, there are two additional chemicals that build up in the blood vessels.

mass with thrombosis

If cholesterol resembles fat, then blood clots (thrombotic mass) resemble cheese. Blood vessel inner walls develop thrombus growths. Cholesterol increases the danger of blood clots even further. The thrombus has the potential to detach from the vessel wall at any time and enter the heart or brain, resulting in a heart attack or stroke, respectively. Both illnesses have an extremely high likelihood of leaving patients dead or disabled.

The likelihood of the clot rupturing increases with age. Because of a stroke or heart attack, older adults frequently fall.

crystalline calcium

These are accumulated salts of heavy metals, mercury, and other substances. A person has more of these deposits, for instance, if they have experience in hazardous industry. However, everyone accumulates calcium given the current ecological situation. These chemicals are CANCEROUS, as has been demonstrated. In other words, they support aberrant cell division, which promotes oncology.

High quantities of crystalline deposits are discovered in the blood in nearly 98% of cancer deaths. We are all aware of the dangers of mercury. Additionally, the blood itself turns hazardous when there is a large concentration of calcium crystals.

If you are older than 50 and have never washed your dishes, I can tell you right away that they are unclean. If you clean them, you will feel better almost right away.

A sign of unclean dishes is:

Morning swelling


in front of the eyes, in muscles

aching joints


insomnia during night and daytime drowsiness

feeling perpetually exhausted

distorted vision

loss of memory

dilated veins


often occurring digestive system issues

issues with being overweight

Do you assert that clearing the vessels can lower pressure and extend the lives of the elderly?

Dr. Gabriel Tatu, professor

I am aware of that. All patients over 50 (and some over 40) are now given vessel cleaning prescriptions in the clinic. After cleaning, we consider our options for the future. AFTER CLEANING, THE PRESSURE NORMALIZES IN ABOUT 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE AND DOES NOT NEED TREATMENT.

In other words, many people who intentionally take medicines every day to control their blood pressure might not. The containers only need to be cleaned. Wellness will frequently improve, even if the hypertension doesn’t go gone totally (that does happen).

Unfortunately, commercial doctors and pharmaceutical corporations, for whom it is advantageous for the patient to be treated long and expensively, intentionally conceal this straightforward method of normalizing hypertension. After all, a person will spend more on drugs the worse they are. That is what works for them. Additionally, sanitizing blood arteries is easy, affordable, and helps someone get back on their feet quickly.

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