Depending on your age and height, how much you should actually weigh

Given my height and age, what weight should I aim for?

A person’s ideal weight depends on a variety of factors, including:

Height, weight, and gender-specific muscle-to-fat ratios
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the average weight, height, and waist measurement for Americans aged 20 and older are as follows:

Average weight: 170.5 pounds
Typical waist measurement: 38.7 inches 5 feet, 3.6 inches tall on average
General weight: 197.8 pounds
Average height is 5 feet 9 inches, and the average waist size is 40.3 inches.
These weights are average, however they may not be the healthiest ones. The CDC also found that the typical American adult has a body mass index (BMI) of 29.6, which is considered overweight for women, and 29.1, which is overweight for males. The BMI is a calculation based on height and weight that can show how much total body fat a person has.

How Does BMI Affect Selecting the Ideal Weight?
Doctors use the BMI (body mass index) as a tool to determine a patient’s level of obesity. The BMI is used to identify typical weight ranges. The adult BMI is age independent.

When used on children, BMI is calculated in the same manner as it is for adults, but the ranges are then contrasted with percentiles for children of the same age and sex.

The BMI is calculated using the square of the height and weight:

The BMI is calculated as follows: height (in meters) squared by body weight (in kilograms).

You are underweight if your BMI is under 18.5.
BMI 18.5 to under 24.9: 25 to under 29 is a good weight range.9: Obesity with a BMI of 30 to under 34.9: BMI of 35 to 39 and Obesity of Class I.9. BMI 40 or above with Class II Obesity: Obesity of a third kind

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