Even though I have a very slim chance of the piece being carefully read or shared, I will nevertheless publish it.

Even though I have a very slim chance of the piece being carefully read or shared, I will nevertheless publish it.

Of course, our gratitude and indignation would be overwhelming if the post contained pictures of cats or dogs, which the majority of us adore and take good care of.

But there are no photos of people in their underwear in the post.

Regretfully, our nation’s usage of pesticides has resulted in thousands of dead bees. Sadly, this is where our life cycle ends.
We humans will not have more than four years left to live if bees vanish off the face of the Earth one day.

Why do bees rank as the most significant organisms on Earth?

Since we were little children, we have benefited from the exceptional qualities of bee products, and we are all aware of the enormous significance of bees in our everyday lives. The following are the findings of research done on their existence:

In the most recent Royal Geographic Society discussion held in London, the Earthwatch Institute came to the conclusion that bees are the most significant living thing on Earth. But experts also declared that bees are now considered insects with a high danger of extinction in addition to this news.

“At most, humanity would only survive for four years if bees disappeared.”
-The late Albert Einstein

Recent studies show that bee populations have decreased by up to 90% globally, with regional variations in the causes. Massive deforestation, a lack of secure nesting locations, a shortage of flowers, careless pesticide usage, altered soil, and a decline in beekeepers are a few of the primary factors.

These insects are essential to almost 70% of global agriculture, and it may be argued that bees are responsible for 70 out of every 100 items that humans eat.

In addition, bee pollination is necessary for plant reproduction, which provides millions of animals with their primary food supply. The fauna would eventually start to vanish without it.

Exist answers for this issue?

There are answers, but given the detrimental agricultural and production methods in Romania, they are difficult to apply in today’s society.

However, several expert ideas have been put out with the hopes of being put into practice as quickly as possible:

restricting the use of harmful pesticides, not merely outlawing them. The recommendation is to switch to insecticides that don’t harm pollinators.
encouraging all-natural options for farming.
investigating and keeping an eye on bee health, welfare, and conservation on a continuous basis.
encouraging initiatives that allow the public to assist beekeepers and contribute to the bee-saving effort, such as buying organic honey or participating in national initiatives like “Adopt a Hive.” You may take part in this kind of endeavor by using the initiative.

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