Every day, the old guy waits for his companion to emerge and say hello.

Friendship may take many different forms.

Numerous unanticipated friendships between creatures of various species have come to my attention. The list includes the elephant who has a dog as a best buddy, the dog whose closest friend is a duck, and so on.

However, this one wins hands out.

Observing some incredible and unusual friendships form is always enjoyable! We have always been interested by the concept of people becoming best friends with animals. It usually features dogs, cats, horses, or even more “common” creatures that are kept in and near houses all over the world.

Nonetheless, some people also develop unique relationships with unusual creatures.

A few years back, Seppo Laamanen became well-known on the internet. This came after he made an unanticipated friendship.

2011 saw Seppo Laamanen living in a red cottage with white trim in the village of Punkaharju, in the eastern regions of Finland, surrounded by a breathtaking winter environment.

Seppo went down to the little lake by the cottage every morning. A pal was waiting for him down there.

An otter that was famished would appear at the old man’s home every day.

The otter had seen Seppo living alone in a house close to where he had made his nest right out of the frozen waters and had asked if he had any extra food.

The otter was eventually given the name Iivari by Seppo, who also fed it because the creature was constantly ravenous.

And these two haven’t been apart since.

Seppo fed the hungry otter fish and worms after noticing that he was undersized and undernourished, according to The Telegraph.

The amiable animal then paid Seppo a visit at his Punkaharju, eastern Finland, home to return the favor.

The old guy loves to spend time outside with the friendly otter he has successfully made friends with in the woods near his house. They both get to enjoy the fresh air and the surrounding scenery.

Though Seppo is the only one who can come near to Iivari, the two receive a lot of visits.

Livari enters Seppo’s house, where he eats outside on the porch with a food bowl since he feels so at ease with him.

Amazing animals, pets brighten our lives and make the world a better place! They should still be given the highest attention and care even if they are not your typical pets like cats and dogs.

The sheer number of individuals going above and above to assist some of these creatures is astounding, and it begs the question of how many people did this before Facebook! It seems to me that many individuals have been providing animal care for a long time!

Please show your friends and family this hilarious and fantastic clip; it will make them smile.

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