Fans support Luke Bryan

Recently, Luke Bryan gave his loved ones a heartfelt new music video, and it is truly moving.

In the music video for his most recent single, Up, the country singer can be seen relaxing in an old barn while watching home movies and clips from his docuseries, Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary. His most recent studio album, which was published in 2018, contains the song.

Videos of the artist when he was younger depict him hunting and fishing with his two sons, Thomas and Tatum, and his father Tommy.

For the sake of history, a movie was even created of him giving his kids their first embraces. Along with another family, Luke’s departed brother Chris is also depicted in the scene.

Luke wrote in a comment on the Instagram teaser video, “It was so overwhelming when I saw the footage of my boys with both of their grandfathers and then the close-up clip of my brother basically looking at me.”

“The message that this song delivers and the final product of the music video have me speechless. You may immediately view it on @facebookwatch!

It didn’t take long for fans to leave comments on the post, with some of them saying things like, “Love this song, it’s wonderful,” or “This is really touching.” A third person added, “So happy you released this song,” in response to the predicament.

When the singer recently disclosed that he had experienced a little setback that might have damaged his voice cords, others prayed for him. They were worried about his singing ability.

His wife Caroline Bryan revealed that he was on “vocal rest” when she shared a photo on social media of her covering her husband’s mouth with tape when they were at home in the kitchen.

She also made light of the fact that she wasn’t overly concerned about Luke losing his voice due to “excessive yelling at National Championship game.” This was a reference to Luke’s frequent shouting throughout the game.

I’m going to talk nonstop and annoy the Hell out of him, she had written.

The American Idol judge is noticing that his voice is getting tired ahead of his much awaited appearance at Crash My Playa 2022 in Cancun.

On the Crash My Playa tour, Luke will perform alongside musicians like Dustin Lynch, Jimmie Allen, and Jason Aldean. Beginning on January 19 and running through January 22, the tour will take place.

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