For Gordon Ramsay, our Hearts Break

No marriage of parents should ever experience the loss of a pregnancy, but that is what Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana Ramsay did in 2016. The Ramsays had huge plans, but a miscarriage derailed them. At the time, the couple had four children and were anxious to grow their family for the first time in 15 years.

On June 13, 2016, Gordon and Tana Ramsay sent a tragic and heartbreaking message to Facebook, saying, “We had a devastating weekend as Tana sadly miscarried our son at five months.” We want to thank everyone again for their wonderful support and well wishes as we recover together as a family.

They subsequently admitted that they named their infant Rocky, and on April 4, 2019, they brought Oscar James into the world after deciding to try for a fifth time. He joined his four elder siblings, Megan, 25, Jack Scott and Holly Anna, twins, 23, Matilda ‘Tilly,’ 21, and the couple’s first child in 18 years.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine this week, Gordon Ramsay was open about his newborn son, Rocky, and how the miscarriage brought his wife and their entire family closer together. Though not the first time, it is the most recent occasion he (or his wife) has spoken about the loss.

There is no book that can help you get over Rocky’s passing, therefore it was really difficult. Watching the suffering unfold is this life-altering experience, Gordon said in the interview, which will be published in newspapers on Friday, September 22. But over the years, his family has come to claim it as their own.

Gordon stated that every member of his family—his wife, himself, and their children—wears jewelry with Rocky’s name on it in addition to naming their home in Cornwall, an area of South West England. These are only two instances of how people honor what never was on a daily basis.

“We wouldn’t have won an Oscar if we hadn’t lost the Rocky fight. Gordon said, “Far from being a replacement, it provided us a relationship that you wouldn’t find in a usual setting. Their kid Oscar, who turned four in April, is already starting to resemble his father.

After learning of the pregnancy loss in 2016, Gordon Ramsay instantly commended his wife for her courage, as he normally does. He remarked on how his children “get a lot of strength” from her and how this fortitude has kept their family together under the most trying conditions.

“Tana’s strength is that. He added of his wife: “She was great right away, just by watching how she handled it and opened up to other friends and nearby ladies who could offer guidance.” They met in the 1990s, started dating after a few years, and were wed in 1996.

On June 11, Tana Ramsay shared a “happy snapshot” of her, her spouse, and their four kids on Instagram. The family was celebrating Megan’s 18th birthday at the time, and she was just shy of 20 weeks pregnant with Rocky (she is now 25 years old). It had been a few days before to learning of the miscarriage.

Rocky, our newborn baby, was too little to live, but he had a good heartbeat, so I would hug him a few days later. It still seems current even though it has been seven years. We miss you all the time. We will always adore you, Rocky. I couldn’t do this without my family, who mean the world to me, she stated.

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