Going to the son’s grave, the parents discovered that only he had GREEN GRASS.

Too soon after saying goodbye, Raymond and Rachel Villasenor’s son Joseph had to be taken from them. Before his death, he spent 36 years as a sergeant in the United States Air Force.

Joseph had spent 16 years of his life serving his nation when he passed away in 2010. However, when his parents went to visit his cemetery one day, they saw that the only tomb with green grass was his, while every other grave in the vicinity had completely brown and dried grass. They thought it must be some sort of supernatural occurrence since they were unable to accept what they were witnessing.

86-year-old Jake Reissig, who had recently lost his wife, would periodically visit the cemetery to give a grieving widow flowers when he saw her there. Jake rushed to console her, and when she told him why she was upset—that her brother had been taken from her at a prematurely early age—he did so.

Jake promised Joseph that he would do something for him after leaving the graveyard. As a result, every day when he went to his wife’s graveyard, he watered not just his wife’s grave but also Joseph’s grave.

After hearing the explanation, his parents couldn’t express their gratitude for the old man’s thoughtful act other than by giving him a bear embrace.

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