Granddaughter sent a letter to her deceased grandmother.

Because she felt lonely, her grandma urged her granddaughter to stop by more frequently. Grandma, though, passed away one day. Her granddaughter penned a message to her grandmother in heaven while crying. Here’s why she didn’t see the young girl more frequently:

Your grandmother is the recipient of this letter.

We all miss you terribly, but I miss you the most. I didn’t think it would hurt so bad when you went, but it did. Even though I saw you occasionally at special occasions, I regrettably lost who you were because I didn’t see you as frequently. I’m sorry grandma, but I forgot about you when we stopped attending the activities, so I was terrified when you drew near to me.

I haven’t seen you in nine years already. Despite claims to the contrary, I feel that way despite no fault of mine. I had that feeling since I hadn’t shown my affection for you.

If I ever had the chance to see you again, I would sob uncontrollably and confess to you how much I adore you and how I sobbed night after night for you to return. How much I wished you would remain. I regret not pleading with my parents to see you more frequently since I would have loved to.

I wish I could recall every enjoyable moment we shared with you, but I can’t.

I couldn’t help but weep when my dad called to tell us you were in the hospital.

We came to see you today, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been while you were alive; now it was dismal and it was extremely difficult to see your passing.

I sobbed so hard when they carried you away that I was inconsolable when I saw you in the casket during your burial. Prior to God taking me one of his angels, I was aware that I would never see you again.

I am confident that you are now in a better position, and I hope to speak with you soon.

You have my undying affection, Grandma.

One thing we can all take up from this letter is to visit and care for your grandma before it’s too late. She will always be joyfully waiting for you at home and think about you frequently.

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