Heartbroken, Jamie Lee Curtis gives the devastating announcement.

About her close friend and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Richard Lewis, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 76 after a heart attack, Jamie Lee Curtis shared some very heartbreaking remarks.

The comedian and the 65-year-old actress, who portrayed the witch in Halloween, costarred in the sitcom Anything But Love for four seasons between 1989 and 1992.

After learning the tragic news of the actor’s passing on Wednesday, she shared a post on her personal Instagram profile. The first person to break the news was Bette Midler.

Curtis hailed the late singer in a lengthy statement for being “the reason I am sober” after sharing a number of vintage photos of the two of them.

Jamie battled an opiate addiction before celebrating 25 years sober this month.

“I recently found out about the passing of my friend Richard Lewis.” I can still clearly picture myself standing on Sunset Boulevard, staring at a poster advertising a stand-up special featuring him. I urged the casting team to send him in to try out for the role of Marty Gold, my closest friend and potential boyfriend, during the ABC pilot Anything But Love casting process.

“I felt he had a good look.” It isn’t something a strong woman can truly accomplish for herself, but someone made me giggle. He mispronounced the term “bundt cake,” but he still played the part, which made me laugh aloud.

Jamie said, “He blew everyone else away.” They added in their response that “the chemistry with Richard was so great,” even if they decided not to take up the pilot for the love triangle drama. Might we rework the initial pilot? We ultimately produced the show for two years in this manner.

He performed stand-up comedy as well, although he detested doing stand-up in front of actual audiences. I, however, thought it was fantastic.

In close-up, he would conceal his markings on door frames, objects, and even my face. He also carried a clipboard with his lines scribbled on it at all times. It turns out that he was a really good part actor. It’s hilarious and profound.

“We grieved together over the deaths of our friend and producer John Ritter as well as our friend and co-star Richard Frank,” she remarked.

“Richard expressed his desire for me to obtain another boxed set of show episodes from ABC/Disney in his most recent text message to me,” the actress said to her followers.

“He is also the reason I am sober,” Jamie continued. He was helpful to me. I shall always be appreciative of his compassion.

“He found love with Joyce, and that, of course, along with being sober, was what mattered most to him,” she stated when they discussed his wife Joyce Lapinsky. Writing this brings tears to my eyes.

It’s an odd way to express gratitude to a kind and humorous man. Richard, I hope you laugh till you die. Hannah exclaimed, “My Marty, I love you!” at the conclusion.

Jamie expressed her sadness over the passing of her longtime friend and former co-star in a second post.

She also sent a line or two from the Anything But Love theme tune and another old photo of herself with Lewis.

“The great singer-songwriter JD Souther wrote this beautiful theme song for the third and final season of the TV show ANYTHING BUT LOVE, which aired on ABC for a few years,” Curtis said.

Look it up on YouTube and give it a listen. If not, I’ve recorded it for you right here. I’m presenting these to my buddy Richard Lewis today.

She revealed lyrics that read, “We would still be searching for the next big thing and trying not to fall… If we had never met/And the world got on without us/Just as if we were never that at all.”

“Hearts that beat like thunder and anything but love will do”Everything except love would be sufficient for everyone but you.

Celebrities and users of social media, including Larry David, who co-stars on Curb Your Enthusiasm, paid respect to the late Richard Lewis.

He told HBO, “He’s been like a brother to me for most of my life.” “In the same hospital, Richard and I were born three days apart.”

It doesn’t happen very frequently, but he was the sweetest and funniest guy at the same time. “But today he made me cry, and I’ll never forgive him for that,” the comic said in an interview with Variety.

Working alongside Lewis on the popular program, Cheryl Hines stated, “I had the biggest crush on Richard Lewis when I was young.”

“No one was cuter or more attractive on stage than him.” Then, a dream come true, I got to work with him on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I became more knowledgeable about Richard and his gifts as time went on.” He was humorous, which is why I fell in love with him, but he was also one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever met.

Cheryl stated, “He would take the time to tell the people he loved how much they meant to him, especially in the last few years.” In between takes on Curb, he told me how much he loved me and how essential I was to him.

“To have Richard Lewis love you.” An actual present. I adore you, Richard. You will be missed. I adore you, Joyce, and Richard’s entire family. Richard, Lawrence, cherished you.But you already know that.

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