Here’s an excellent reason to keep a coin in the freezer at all times.

You shouldn’t miss this post if you want to go on vacation while leaving food in the freezer. Today, we’ll share a short tip with you that will enable you to determine whether the food you’ve stored in the freezer is safe to consume.

Sometimes the electricity shuts off while we are gone from home and we are unaware of it. But doing so could result in the defrosting and degradation of the frozen food.

One woman came up with a wonderful technique for us to determine whether our refrigerators are still operating at their highest efficiency with just a single mug of water and a penny! If you tried this experiment, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about having perishable produce in your refrigerator again.

Sheila Pulanco Russell came up with the concept and used standard tap water to illustrate it. If the penny freezes, you may keep your food completely chilled and frozen in your refrigerator. It is an extremely simple experiment. Try this at home right now and see whether it says you need to buy a new refrigerator to keep food from spoiling.

Sheila provides directions in a Facebook post that immediately garnered tens of thousands of comments and shares. She asserts:

I remarked, “I’ve just got an excellent tip for all of you leaving the coast.” They call it the “one-cup tip.” Your freezer contains a cup of water. Place a quarter on top after it has totally frozen, then keep it in your freezer. This will reveal if your food was still frozen when you returned home after being evacuated or whether it just went bad while you were abroad and was then refrozen.

The food should be thrown away once the quarter has fully defrosted and reached the bottom of the cup. However, your food can still be fine if the quarter is either at the top or in the center of the cup. Keeping this in your freezer at all times would also be a wonderful idea so you have a fallback option in case of a power outage.

Throw away your food if you don’t feel good about it. Everyone’s wellness comes first. Share this on your page, please. I’m grateful.

In any case, if you’re unsure whether the food is secure, discard it. Your health has always been and will always be the most crucial factor in life.

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