If you’ve ever seen a blue line on a road, you should know what it means.

The importance of paying attention to road signs may be attested to by every motorist. Ignoring these indications would be exceedingly hazardous and probably fatal.

A new road marking with a thin blue line in the centre of the two yellow centerlines of the road may become visible in the coming weeks in some areas of the United States. In fact, this blue line is being painted on the sides of the roads all around Maryland as an homage to the valiant police officers who keep their communities safe!

This is also a safety measure because the line leads directly to the police station. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to honor the sacrifices made by police officers who put their lives in danger every day.

We can only hope that as a consequence, additional communities around the country will choose to have blue lines painted on their streets. This is a great way to show police officers how much we care because they don’t always seem to get the respect and appreciation they deserve.

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