In her little time on earth, she produced an amazing quantity of light.

Liza Burke breathed her last as her brother, who was asleep next to her, held her hand firmly. She would not regain consciousness.

The story of Liza, a gorgeous 21-year-old University of Georgia senior who planned a final pre-graduation spring break vacation to Cabo for 53 pals, has gained international attention. She suffered a brain bleed while there, and it was later found that she had a dangerous cancerous brain tumor. It was her last journey ever.

According to her mother Laura McKeithen, “her brother slept on the sofa and held her hand all night long” up until her passing on April 28. Jack held her hand as she took her final breath.

The 55-year-old mother of Liza, who says her daughter “lived life large,” “extremely honest, and unapologetically herself,” gives the following words of wisdom: “Don’t waste time worrying about silly things. Do it now.

Liza used it as her compass; her desire for discovery drove her to traverse the globe.

Liza texted her mother pictures of herself doing handstands on the beach, sailing, and cliff diving when she was on holiday in Cabo. The group gathered around a beach campfire as they sang and shared stories about her from the previous evening. After working out with her lover the next morning, she skipped breakfast and claimed friends she was suffering from a blinding headache. She went to her room to take a sleep, but someone discovered her unconscious in bed many hours later.

Liza’s bleeding brain was detected by Mexican medical personnel. Her skull was partially removed by doctors in order to stop the bleeding after they suspected a ruptured Arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Liza’s mother flew to be with her, took her back to Florida, and took her to the Mayo Clinic. She had a malignant brainstem tumor that was aggressive and active after the doctors ruled out an AVM.

Laura recalled her daughter removing the ventilator from Liza’s lips when she first awakened from anesthesia. They were concerned that she wouldn’t be able to breathe on her own, but Laura said that she was OK.

Liza struggled to fall asleep because the tumor pinched the area of her brain that kept her awake.

Her mother claimed that while she was awake, she would communicate by squeezing my hand or wiggling her toes. “Liza, are you frightened?” I prompted her. I asked her a few more questions and when I inquired if she was terrified, she didn’t clutch my hand.

Following the daily radiation treatment that was supposed to endure for six weeks, Liza recovered, enabling her loved ones to be with her for a few additional days.

She was squatting, trying to walk, and peddling a bike.

However, a few days later, her brain was discovered to be bleeding again.

Because of Liza’s infectious personality and her mother’s desire to avoid another intubation, discussions with Liza’s medical team began.

Laura questioned whether Liza’s migraines from her college freshman year would have been recognized earlier if they had been precursors to the brain tumor. Had her daughter recovered?

“Do you think things could have been different if we had caught this when she first told me that she thought there was something wrong in her head?” Laura recounted asking Liza’s oncologist. throughout their conversation.

The doctor observed the woman’s elaborately furnished apartment and remarked, “Well, I can tell you one thing for sure: She wouldn’t have all of these pictures,” going on to say that the room was “full, full, full, full of pictures of her and her friends.” He reportedly told Laura after that, “We would eventually be exactly where we are right now.”

Laura had to look for a place where she was convinced her daughter would be happy when the family learned that the treatment was failing and proposed hospice care.

Her mother recalled thinking, “She would want to be somewhere lovely, where she could be with her friends and family, and everybody could celebrate her, and she could be outside and enjoy the beach or the mountains.”

Following checking with the owners to make sure they were okay with it being used for hospice care, Laura decided on a seaside Airbnb and leased it for a month. Liza and her immediate family moved into the home on April 19; friends and grandparents were regular guests.

Liza was awake but speechless at the moment. Laura claimed that her daughter expressed herself by “a little gesture with her mouth or her eyelids, but she would wiggle her toes.”

On April 27, everyone flocked to watch the Interstellar movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain.

Laura explained her choice to her bedroom after the movie by saying, “I knew if I were with her, I would probably drive her crazy, staring at her and squeezing her hand and squeezing her toes and kissing her.”

Liza went away in her brother Jack’s bed on Friday at approximately two in the morning.

Liza exhaled her last breath, sighed, and then moved into the subsequent realm. Liza and her sister are making up for lost time now that they are back together, Laura added. Edie, Liza’s older sister, passed away unexpectedly in 2008 as a result of the rare genetic condition MPS1.

In her online diary, Laura expressed her broken heart by writing, “If I could, I would hang onto Liza and follow her.”

On May 2, Liza mailed Laura a class assignment from her senior year of high school: a letter to her future self. When the pupils graduated from college, the teacher agreed to mail the letters to them. Liza’s graduation date is May 12, 2023.

It was outstanding. She accomplished everything, Laura remarked. At my funeral, it will be repeated aloud.

Liza’s ashes will be scattered in two different places: Mexico and the mountains, according to Laura. the Liza’s cremation.

Even though cancer claimed her life, she continued to live. Laura had vivid memories of her daughter as a confident, bold, wild, and contented young lady. She had a full life.

Her legacy is to live each day to the fullest. I want everyone to understand that she enjoyed a nice life. I wish my degree of achievement in life was as high as hers.

Her mother has donated money to the Liza and Edie Burke Education Fund to “honor two sisters and the genuine, dynamic, playful, and fierce way they gave back to the world.”

It is tragic that Liza has passed away. She was still so young, and her future seemed bright. We send our sympathies to the family during this difficult time, especially Laura, who lost her second daughter.

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