It’s shocking what happened to him. CCTV recording

According to information provided to the BBC, Dr. Michael Mosley passed away naturally following his initial autopsy.

The TV personality vanished while on vacation, and his corpse was discovered on Sunday in a rocky region on the Greek island of Symi.
Greek police spokesperson K. Dimoglidou told the BBC that the initial autopsy revealed no injuries that may have contributed to his demise.

The final day Dr. Mosley lived was Thursday, the day he vanished. Around 16:00 (14:00 BST), he passed away.
On Wednesday at around 13:30 local time (11:30 BST), the 67-year-old father of four went for a stroll from the northeastern island’s Agios Nikolaos beach, which is near to his accommodations. That following day, he was reported missing.
Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, Dr. Mosley’s wife, phoned the police in case her husband did not return.

In the intense heat, the Greek government dispatched police, firefighters, divers, and even a helicopter to look for Dr. Mosley.

According to the PA news agency, the island’s mayor “saw something” by the bar’s fence and reported it to the personnel. His corpse was recovered by the manager of a tavern on Agia Marina beach, further north along the shore than Dr. Mosley’s original location.

The manner in which Dr. Mosley’s body was discovered and the fact that it was undamaged were the initial factors that convinced authorities that he had passed away naturally.
Histology and toxicological results have now been requested separately.

The BBC was able to view CCTV footage of Dr. Mosley making his way down a slope close to where his corpse was eventually discovered. The film was taken close to the Agia Marina beach bar. After then, he vanishes from sight. After that, he disappears behind a wall.
According to Dr. Bailey Mosley, his family was “taking comfort in the fact” that her husband “so very nearly made it” to safety on Sunday.
In a report, she stated, “He did an amazing climb, took the wrong route, and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team.”

Along with complimenting her husband on his “wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant” qualities, Dr. Bailey Mosley expressed her sadness after learning that her husband’s body had been discovered.

“We had such a fortunate life together,” Dr. Bailey Mosley remarked.
“We were so happy together and loved each other so much.”
Lord Tom Watson, the former Labour Party deputy leader, was among those who honored Dr. Mosley once more on Monday.
His deeds undoubtedly altered my life. During the 2018 Today show on BBC Radio 4, Mr. Watson said, “He made me feel like I wasn’t broken.” He claimed that he had been able to “reverse” his type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise.

Dr. Mosley studied medicine in London before entering the medical field. He has been a host, journalist, author, and producer of documentaries for the last 20 years.
His television credits included “Trust Me,” “I’m a Doctor,” and the BBC Radio 4 series “Just One Thing.” The Daily Mail included some of his work as well.
Mr. Mosley promoted diets that involved intermittent fasting, such as the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800 diet.
I promise; I’m a doctor. co-host Dr. Saleyha Ahsan admitted to being “terrified” when she originally accepted the position, but Dr. Mosley “put me at ease almost immediately” on the BBC’s Breakfast program.
“That really friendly and approachable TV character was exactly how he was in real life,” the speaker said.
“I don’t think many other people have accomplished the amazing things he did for medicine and public health.”

When he read a Dr. Mosley book for the first time, he described it as “like a light came on in my life.”
He stated, “Over the years, he’s helped me maintain that and help millions of others. I just became a real fan of his work.”
“And that’s what great journalism is all about: he made extremely complicated scientific concepts very understandable.”
“It is a tragedy,” stated Alan Yentob, a former creative director of the BBC who collaborated closely with Dr. Mosley throughout his tenure there, to BBC News. However, he reminds a lot of people of how profoundly he altered their life.

He described Dr. Mosely as “an adventurer” with a “curious and creative” personality, and said that he leaves behind a “incredible legacy.”

“He gave people the impression that they actually had a chance to improve things and that the challenge was enjoyable and thrilling,” the speaker said.
Working with Dr. Mosley was scientific broadcaster Dr. Chris van Tulleken, who said that over his career, Dr. Mosley had established “an entire genre of broadcasting.”
Dr. Mosley’s efforts “quietly” altered his daily routine. He began intermittent fasting and ceased cleaning his teeth while standing on one leg.
“He was giving people tools they could use that everyone could afford,” he stated on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.
In a statement, she stated that Dr. Mosley was a “shining light for the whole team” and that she was the CEO of The Fast 800 weight-loss program in addition to being his business partner.
“It was an honor to work with Michael and have a personal and professional relationship with him.” Ms. Haggett remarked, “He was truly unique, and everyone will miss him very much.”
“I am confident that Michael’s amazing legacy will endure and inspire a never-ending push for better health.”
“He will be remembered as an amazing broadcaster who used his platform to change the way we think about many public health issues,” Downing Street stated in reference to Dr. Mosley.

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