John Schneider Was Fired for His Remarks About Beyoncé’s Country Album

Actor and musician John Schneider likened Beyoncé to a dog demarcating its territory.

According to the 63-year-old Dukes of Hazzard actor, Joe Biden “should be publicly hung.” In an appearance with the conservative network One American News, he made this claim.

People questioned him about his opinions about “leftist” musicians, such as the 42-year-old vocalist, who perform a variety of musical genres.

An Oklahoma radio station was under pressure from fans of a Renaissance musician to play his new country songs.

“It’s impossible for those leftists in the entertainment industry to leave any place alone,” “Don’t they just have to be in charge of everything?” The presenter asked Schneider.

“They have to make their mark, just like a dog in a dog park,” he retorted. I mean, every dog needs to paw print every tree? This is the situation that exists.

After that, he stated that country musicians like Shania Twain typically attempt to crossover into mainstream music in the other direction.

“I know a little something about country music,” he said.

John released his own country songs in the 1980s.

Texas Hold ‘Em, a country song by Beyoncé, was unexpectedly released during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

She also revealed the release date for Act II, the second installment of the Renaissance trilogy, which is her ninth studio album. There should be a lot of country elements on this record.

On Tuesday, a Beyoncé fan claimed on the social networking app X that the song will not be played on 100.1 KYKC, his local country music station.

“We don’t play Beyonce on KYKC because we are a country music station,” he received an email from the local country radio station (KYKC) when he requested that they play Texas Hold ‘Em. Salutations, @BeyLegion.

Justin ended his post by tagging Beyoncé Legion, the singer’s largest fan base. After that, he posted a thread in which he accused the station of bigotry and urged other listeners to email to request the music as well.

Many fans were delighted to oblige. Attorney Keaton Grant, for instance, tweeted, “They got my Oklahoma attorney a** typing an email,” along with an image of the appalling evidence.

various fans of Beyoncé, who is well-known for her work in various genres, were incensed that the singer had disregarded what was obviously a country song, and they quoted tweets about KYKC in their angry answers to Justin.

“Lots of calls coming in for Beyoncé’s Texas Hold ‘Em,” KYKC posted on their X account following fours and 3.2 million views. They included a photo of the music in the line and stated, “It will be on in a minute.”

MailOnline was informed by a spokesperson of KYKC’s owner, South Central Oklahoma Radio Enterprises (S.C.O.R.E.), that “at first, we didn’t even know she was putting out a country song.”

“Then, when people began requesting it, we had absolutely none.” It was not able to reach us via any distributor or label. That is the reason it was not playable.

After several phone calls and emails, we eventually received the music and played it on KYKC, our country station. It may also be heard on KADA-FM, our classic hits station, and KXFC, our Top 40 station.

Since we have performed Beyoncé for 20 years, we are fans.

The official responded, “First, we are owned by a minority-owned company, so there’s that,” in response to a question regarding the racism allegations.

“Next, we play the music if it’s good.” It makes no difference who they are or how they appear.

Third, many years ago, we welcomed Beyoncé when she made her debut. For us, she has always been a significant performer, particularly on two of our stations.

“To be honest, no one sent it to us, and we had no idea she had released a “country” song.” As soon as we received it, we added it to our playlist.

Following John’s remark, Beyoncé’s admirers and users of social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) expressed their opinions.

One person commented, “You know you canceled, right?” and “Don’t open your mouth to speak on her again.”

Did you really just claim that Beyoncé was indicating her territory like a dog? That’s absurd since without Black folks, country music would not exist. You wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for black males. Are you modest enough? It was written by someone.

Someone remarked, “You got the nerve to use a dog as a metaphor for Beyoncé,” while another wrote, “Talking about the queen gone cast ya.”You ought to be embarrassed of yourself.

“But the beyhive WILL punish you and your family for the rest of your boring white life until you say sorry, because I know that your white privilege won’t let you be.” Act II Out 3.9 of Stream Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages.

“Beyoncé has the ability to direct movies, create art, sing, dance, and do anything else she desires.” On X, one admirer said, “It’s time for the Hive to start buzzing because John Schneider called Beyonce a dog and laid with Black women on a show produced by a Black man.”

“Is he aware that she is from Texas, with a T?” One,” wrote another. John Schneider isn’t even a native of Texas.nonetheless, Beyoncé is. He’s not that great, either in terms of acting or singing. #Beyonceiscountry right now.

“Comparing @Beyoncé to a dog is racist and hateful,” was posted on social media. She’s here, which is great since I enjoy country music. See what she can do for us. Yet another nasty white supremacist is John Schneider. Indeed, Beyoncé.

According to John Schneider, Beyoncé’s new country song, “Leftists Are Trying to Take Over Everything,” sounds like a dog using the restroom. Another person said, “I think he is writing about his own failed music career.”
Declare, “All is ours!” Another admirer said, “That person should know their history.” “CANCEL JOHN TODAY, DON’T APOLOGIZE JOHN, YOU MEAN IT,” stated someone else.

One person said, “This is racism at its best.” Former Dukes of Hazzard employees have likened Beyoncé’s desire to record a Country Western album to a dog urinating. He ought to study up on country westerns more.

Another admirer commented, “It’s crazy that he’s calling Beyoncé a dog when a black MAN signs your check.”

Another person said, “Lol.” “Well d**n,” was typed by another person. That was his, I suppose, because he was on a black network show. Though they invented the genre, Black folks are currently excluded.

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