Kate Middleton’s unfortunate verdict is shared by a royal specialist, who charges the palace of failing to safeguard her.

Kate Middleton has faced criticism for sharing the manipulated Mother’s Day photo of herself with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

News organizations decided to delete the photo since it was obvious that it had been manipulated. In addition to receiving criticism for the altered photo, the Princess of Wales also drew criticism for not responding to inquiries about her location or for refusing to issue a new photo that would have ended speculations.

Several royal specialists have backed her despite the criticism she has received for her latest decision, criticizing her husband and the palace of not doing more in the days after the photo was released.

The royal family received backlash after an edited image of Kate Middleton and her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, surfaced on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Instagram account on Mother’s Day.

After Kate Middleton’s photo mistake, the director of the news agency claims that Palace isn’t a reliable source.

Social media users and photography experts spent hours analyzing the picture, pointing out many errors and subpar editing methods. Notable news outlets that issued “kill notices,” or recommendations to delete or not use a certain photo, were Getty and the Associated Press.

Another well-known news agency to utilize a “kill notice” was Agence France-Presse (AFP). AFP’s international news director, Phil Chetwynd, claimed on BBC Radio 4’s Media Show that Kensington Palace is no longer a trustworthy source.

“No, not at all. Like everything else, the stakes are raised when a source disappoints you. “We sent out notes to all our teams to be absolutely super vigilant about the content coming across our desk — even from what we would call trusted sources,” he reportedly told Deadline.

Chetwynd continued by saying that several media sites had asked whether Kensington Palace could provide the original photo on Sunday. However, he asserts that the image was taken down from the agencies when they failed to receive a response.

Additionally, sources like North Korea are usually the focus of kill notices, according to Chetwynd.

Killing anything by manipulation is not usual. We may perform it once a year or less frequently. Our previous murders came from the Iranian or North Korean press organizations, Chetwynd added.

“One really important thing is that you cannot be distorting reality for the public,” he said in closing. It comes down to trust. The main problem here is one of trust, specifically the public’s declining and general lack of faith in the media and institutions in general. Therefore, it is crucial that a picture accurately captures the world in which it is seen.

Expert claims that Kate Middleton violated the “golden rule” with her Mother’s Day photo.

Particularly after disclosing that she had personally modified and uploaded the photo, Kate Middleton faced a great deal of criticism.

Conspiracy theories have been more heated, meanwhile, as a result of Kensington Palace’s silence over the photo incident—particularly regarding their inability to provide a new image of Kate to reassure the public that she is okay. Since there have been no noteworthy developments on the Princess of Wales since February, there have been growing conspiracies, but they have recently intensified.

In the meanwhile, it’s possible that Kate’s own photo editing wasn’t the worst thing. Breaking the “golden rule” has taught the Princess of Wales a “tough and very public lesson,” according to Arthur Edwards, royal photographer for The Sun.

“Although you may crop an image, you should never, ever alter the image itself. This is a golden guideline. Edwards stated that “disgusting bile and hateful comments about her have been overflowing on social media, and Kate shouldn’t have done it. She was right to put her hand up and admit her mistake so quickly.”

“Conspiracies are now spreading quickly and widely, not that these people need any motivation. Kate will be outraged by these petty jabs at her.

As previously stated, a large number of professionals and members of the public have demanded that Kensington Palace share a fresh image of Kate, or better yet, the unaltered Mother’s Day photo.

“Wanted an update, please”

Arthur Edwards, a royal photographer, concurs that it is unexpected that the palace hasn’t made the original image public since it may be used to “draw a line” under the event.

“But naturally, this is occurring in the midst of all the rumors about what’s going on with Kate, who none of us have seen since December but for a quick photo yesterday and last week. Following her January abdominal surgery, a lot of people, including me, have been waiting for an update on the Princess of Wales’s health.

Even if it was a botched attempt at picture editing, Edwards continued, “I still think it’s a delightful image.” Surrounded by her beloved children on Mother’s Day, Kate looks lovely and incredibly pleased. It’s brimming with heartwarming love and passion.

It seems that the public still overwhelmingly supported the princess prior to the incident, despite the fact that some may not be happy with how Kate and The Firm handled the matter.

According to a recent Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of The Evening Standard, Kate Middleton is the most favored royal in the UK. Before the contentious Mother’s Day photo was released, the journal conducted a study in which it found that 38% of British people thought highly of Kate Middleton, the most popular member of the royal family.

As to the survey, women hold a higher degree of popularity for the Princess of Wales—44 percent—than men do—with 32 percent. Also, Kate was chosen as their favorite by half of those between the ages of 55 and 75.

Palace is accused by royal specialists of failing to protect Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity fell by three points in the same survey; Harry is currently at 11% and Meghan is at 7%.

Numerous royal specialists have contended that Kate ought to accept accountability for her deeds. Hilary Fordwich, a royal specialist, told Fox at the same time that the palace is to blame for what she refers to as “yet another public relations disaster.”

“A’slimmed down monarchy’ undoubtedly means that fewer people are leading the royals and those that do aren’t as media savvy as they need to be,” Fordwich stated. The palaces must employ the best and the brightest in these sectors since we live in a fast-paced world with tech-savvy media sources.

The royal expert said that despite her apology, Kate Middleton shown “integrity.”

Fordwich went on, “Although this isn’t ‘business as usual’ or what we would expect from a royal household, it does show great humility to admit one’s mistakes.” Some may have sought to place the blame on someone else or chosen to keep silent. Kate apologized in a direct, no-nonsense manner. Numerous people could take a lesson from such.

Tom Bower, a royal specialist and novelist, went one step farther and charged that the palace was failing to safeguard Kate at all.

He said that the Princess of Wales is not surrounded by intelligent people and that Kensington Palace’s professional personnel ought to have taken care of the photo.

“Everyone wants to undermine her because it makes them happy, regardless of where they are in the globe. And when she did, they ought to have brought in a professional photographer to ensure there weren’t any mishaps like the ones that have happened since, Bower told The Sun.

“She has been under a great deal of pressure to succeed.”

“She’s had the most extremely serious operation imaginable,” he said. It takes her a long time to get better. And I worry that she has been under a great deal of pressure to perform, and that rather than looking out for her, her Kensington Palace staff has not provided her with the assistance and safety she needs.

According to Tom Bower, Kate Middleton committed a “honest mistake,” which is really not that big of an issue. He recommended the royal family to put Kate’s recovery first and hold off on releasing any additional images.

“There are republicans and miscreants who don’t share our values and see Kate as a soft target, an easy target, and another target to seek to undermine British values and British tradition,” he said. “They want to do everything now, to destroy the monarchy, to destroy Britain as it is today.”

This contentious photo incident involving Kate Middleton is not the first issue involving the royal family. The Princess of Wales hasn’t been personally involved in any of the various events that have fundamentally upended the royal family over the years, but she still understands how to learn from her error.

ITV conducted an interview with Prince William and Kate in 2011 following the announcement of their engagement. The princess was questioned over her handling of criticism.

“Our close friends and family are the ones who truly matter to us, and I believe that they are the ones who are around us and are very supportive of us.” I believe that if people believe you are on the correct path, you can only be authentic to yourself. You kind of have to disregard a lot of what others say—of course, you should take it all into consideration—but you really have to be yourself, and that is how I have stayed loyal to it.

Kate Middleton spoke her about receiving backlash following her engagement to William

In addition, Kate Middleton disclosed that being married into the royal family was “nerve-wracking.” But she would be “willing to work hard and learn quickly.”

“William is obviously accustomed to it, so it’s nerve-racking for me, but I’m eager to pick things up quickly and put in a lot of effort. I sincerely hope that, in whatever tiny manner, I can change things. I’m excited to lend a hand however I can.

Kate Middleton is aware of how she is handling this difficult circumstance to the best of her ability. Until we see Kate Middleton in public again, at least, it is evident that more doubts are being raised every day.

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