Mary Lou Retton’s Loss Has Left Us Devastated

In another video she shared on Instagram, her daughter remarked, “We were so excited, seeing so much progress, and then yesterday we had a pretty scary setback.” While she’s still in the intensive care unit, we’re only working to resolve a few issues related to her setback. I just wanted to give you an update.

Shayla said that Mary Lou “had a better day today, which is great,” adding that her mother is “really, really exhausted.”

Mary Lou Retton’s daughter Shayla Schrepfer gave more details on her mother’s ongoing medical battle on October 11, 2023.

According to Shayla in a People interview, Mary Lou, 55, has been hospitalized for a week while she battles a rare form of pneumonia.

Shayla later shared a video on YouTube with further details regarding her mother’s predicament.

The daughter of the famous American is emerging while her mother fights for her life. We ask that you accept her boundaries as we go through the process day by day since we want to keep the specifics between her and our family at this time.

The woman went on to say that although Mary Lou was “still fighting” for her life, “she’s been treated by the best of the best professionals here and it has been such a blessing to have their hands on her, so please continue the prayers and we cannot thank you enough for the love and support that you guys have shown.”

Mary Lou Retton is undoubtedly a name you are familiar with. When Retton competed for Team USA in Los Angeles in 1984, she created Olympic gymnastics history.

As you surely recall, it was her incredible vault and floor performance, which earned her 10s across the board, that helped her defeat Romania’s Ecaterina Szabo to win the gold medal. Later, Sports Illustrated honored her Sportswoman of the Year, and a Wheaties box featured her image.

On her Instagram Story, Retton’s daughter McKenna Kelley shared with her followers that her mother is “fighting for her life in the ICU.” Kelly explained, “My wonderful mom Mary Lou has a very uncommon kind of pneumonia.

I’m concerned she can’t breathe on her own. She has now been in the ICU for more than a week. Given that I respect her and her right to privacy, I won’t go into all the details. She is uninsured, I’ll admit that.

Kelley has also set up a fund and is asking for contributions from anybody who is able to do so in order to help her pay off her growing medical debt. If you can, please PRAY for us, it would be greatly appreciated! and 2) if you could help with the financial strain of the hospital cost.

After giving up gymnastics in 1986, Retton kept up his public image by guest starring on programs including Glee, Baywatch, and season 27 of Dancing With the Stars. Unknown is Retton’s length of stay in the hospital.

Retton has four daughters and was recognized by the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

This narrative is still unfolding.

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