Mickey Rourke, the renowned actor, needs our prayers.

The Iron Man 2 actor Mickey Rourke has sparked controversy with his opinions on a number of current Hollywood topics. After their legal dispute, Johnny Depp called Amber Heard a “money-digger” and said Tom Cruise was “irrelevant” in his eyes since he always performed the “same” roles.

Unsurprisingly, some on Twitter backed Cruise by slamming the former MCU star’s shoddy plastic surgery‚Ķ or surgeries. The real reason for Rourke’s facial alterations is revealed here.

Mickey Rourke was involved in theater and social media into his later years. Rourke made four feature appearances last year; eight more are currently in post-production, and two more are in pre-production. The Palace and A Walking Miracle, the only two movies with release dates this year, have not yet been given a time frame.

In the previous 24 hours, he has also been well-known for speaking out in opposition to Alec Baldwin’s alleged involuntary manslaughter, asserting that the charge is false and that Alec should be held accountable instead of the set crew in charge of the props.

What Has the Face of Mickey Rourke Done?
When Rourke was first breaking into the industry in the early 1980s, he was thought of as one of Hollywood’s sexiest young men. James Dean and Marlon Brando were two performers he was usually compared to. Yet that reputation didn’t last long. The Diner actor regularly spoke about his difficulties with popularity and how much he detested the industry at the time. “You go through the motions of feeling it, but you know the studio owns your ass, the audience owns your ass,” he stated in a 1992 interview.

With reference to his 1990s conversion to boxing, he remarked, “So over the course of eight years, you slowly lose your spirit in a way. According to Hollywood Reporter, Rourke “had virtually been wrecked” in his brief career as a professional boxer. “He would break his nose twice, snap his cheekbone, fracture his ribs and toes, and more. He would be advised by advisors to cease playing the sport rather than risk a potentially severe brain injury.

In the 1990 film Wild Orchid, the actor’s cheeks were obviously expanded. Later in 2009, he admitted that these changes were in fact the outcome of subpar plastic surgery, as many people had speculated. Much of it, he claimed, was spent repairing the damage that boxing had done to his face, but “I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.” Several years would pass as a result of the process. I suddenly feel more beautiful. Exactly one more to go He shared a photo of himself topless standing next to his plastic surgeon in 2017 along with a caption. His nose was covered in bandages.

In 2009, Rourke told Daily Mail that he has had a total of six surgeries throughout his life. “Twice, my nose was broken. I had one surgery for a broken cheekbone and five surgeries for my nose, he said. But it seemed that the actor’s facial appearance had improved in 2019. His “unrecognizability” during his appearance with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain last year surprised many. “#GMB, who the hell was that? He had absolutely no resemblance to Mickey Rourke, a Twitter user claimed.

Dr. Hala Elgmati, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and hair transplant surgery, discussed Rourke’s unusual facial traits with Mirror. Looking back, Mickey appeared to be a young man of just 19 years old. In his forties, he was still attractive and masculine with barely any signs of aging. But the procedure he’s done has adversely affected Mickey’s facial proportions to the point where it’s now obviously unattractive. The surgeon went on to add that the actor from The Wrestler’s cosmetic surgery looked “botched” and “overdone.”

According to Elgmati, there have been many scientific studies into how “beauty” and “attractiveness” are determined, and they all boil down to particular scientific ratios that take the distance between various points on the face into account. All of those ratios are incorrect in Mickey’s situation due to the facial surgery he underwent. Some people feel it is “unnatural” because it is so challenging for the brain to process. She was also certain that Rourke had a hair transplant, not a “artificial” wig.

Elgmati credited Botox as the reason for the actor’s “overdone” facial characteristics. “Botox is very readily abused. Mickey’s forehead is devoid of any wrinkles at all, which is terrible on a man’s face. Maintaining a few face creases can allow you to express yourself and keep your special “glow.” She was positive that the actor received full, maximum doses of Botox more frequently than he would reasonably need to get his look.

“To us, Mickey’s appearance doesn’t make sense. There are no creases at all on his forehead, yet his eyes still look older than he is. Elgmati was right. “His muscles are now almost permanently immobilized due to constant Botox treatment. When your brain learns that some muscles can’t be manipulated, you actually lose the ability to move particular facial features. She noted that Rourke’s fat-injected cheeks weren’t “that bad,” but she thought they “could be softer to compliment his face.” She also said that the Rainmaker star’s lips became “feminized” as a result of having her lips overfilled with fat transfer or dermal filler.

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