Miranda Lambert revealed a significant piece of information regarding the iconic figure in country music.

Eight singers and entertainers we like were asked to honor the female role models who have had a significant impact on their lives and careers. Miranda Lambert sees Emmylou Harris as her primary inspiration for having a lengthy and significant career. The famous singer is not only one of the country star’s major songwriting inspirations.

Emmylou, John Prine, Guy Clark, David Allan Coe, and the whole era were all made known to me by my father. You’re at an age when you start to experience the feeling of “Why do I feel so warm inside?” when you hear that voice for the first time as a youngster.

I was familiar with Emmy’s music from my childhood, but I only discovered her after I developed a deeper interest in music and started contemplating pursuing it professionally. I was familiar with every line, but it wasn’t until I started composing songs seriously at approximately 16 or 17 years old that they had a significant influence on me. In my view, the initial song was likely Delbert McClinton’s “Two More Bottles of Wine.” Since I had experienced this period of pondering “How can I be confident and still embrace my femininity?” I had listened to the male version, but it had a greater impact on me when the lady sang. All of that came from Emmy. In a beautiful song like “Boulder to Birmingham,” her delivery simply deeply moves you. I thought, “This person is here to have a good time and not tolerate any nonsense,” but then I heard “Two More Bottles of Wine.” It’s the same for me.

What I love about Emmylou is that she approaches everything she does with such elegance and sincerity that I can’t distinguish between the songs she wrote and the ones she didn’t. When I was 18 years old, “Easy From Here On” was a song that I believed would have a significant impact on my life. Since the lyrics from the song had a strong impact on me, I decided to have a significant tattoo of a queen of hearts playing card on my right arm. I inquired, “Is it possible for us to create a tribute to that,” as we were composing my song “Bluebird” (2019). The sentiment of that song was similar to the mood conveyed in “Easy From Here On.”

However, I’m uncertain if we have ever composed a song like that without referring to Emmy. For [2022’s] Palomino, Luke Dick, Jon Randall (Emmylou’s former bandmate), and I collaborated on the song “I’ll Be Lovin’ You.” During our discussions on Emmylou, we decided to incorporate a reference to her album “Roses in the Snow.”

I have wanted to perform “Red Dirt Girl” since 2000, but I have never had the courage. One of those tracks simply caught my attention, that one. At the age of seventeen, my mother and I were traveling around radio stations distributing my CD and trying to get people’s attention in a manner similar to Loretta Lynn. While we were heading to El Paso or another place, “Red Dirt Girl” began playing, and my mother promptly stopped the car. It was the most incredible, beautiful story I had ever heard. I then searched for the author, who was clearly only her. That instantly increased the standard for my songwriting. I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. No matter what it is, I’m pursuing it. After 23 years, I am still engaged in that activity.

I have always believed that I desire a job similar to Emmy’s since it is a line of work that is perpetual. Every one of her 26 albums is distinct, and they are all varied. Emmy possesses a kind of autonomy since she has the ability to perform at any time and with anybody of her choosing, select the songs she want to cover, and decide which songs she wants to create. It’s quite inspiring to witness.

It’s useful to remember the time when you first started to fuel the passion you initially had at 17 years old. Because my hobby is also my job and vice versa, we sometimes lose our composure. However, hearing Emmylou’s music reignites that passion inside me.

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