Mom posts a repulsive image of a chicken breast that turns into spaghetti.

A Texas lady was shocked when the chicken she was preparing for supper turned into stringy spaghetti parts.

The mother said that spaghetti was out of the question that night when she shared a photo of the raw chicken she was cleaning on social media. In her palms, the bird was crumbling apart.

She says, “I think it’s that fake meat,” in her now-viral Facebook post, inspiring others to switch to a vegan diet. Continue reading to learn more about the stringy chicken!

On March 21, Alesia Cooper, a resident of Irving, Texas, shared a disturbing picture of a chicken breast protesting against being placed on a dinner plate.

The mother of two says, “I been debating on posting this but since I had to see it so do yall.” “A few weeks ago, while I was cooking my kids dinner, I cleaned my meat as I usually do, and when I went back to start cooking, it turned into this (SIC),” the post says. A picture of chicken being torn into spaghetti-like strands is also included.

“Lol, I think it’s that fake meat, but I’m not sure anyway,” Cooper says. She claims to have purchased the chicken breast from Aldi, a cheap retailer.I haven’t made chicken from the bone since then.

Online users quickly shared their opinions in the comments section; some believed that the chicken was 3D printed or produced in a petri dish.

“That’s lab-grown chicken; it’s a new method of producing chicken since they haven’t had any in the past few years because of bird flu and a lack of resources. One individual answers, “They said last year that they made chicken in a lab, and that’s what’s in supermarkets now.

Someone else writes, “GMO lab meat.”

A third concludes that it’s “fake, and I no longer buy it.”

A more rational explanation for the shredded chicken breast is provided by another user, who says, “It’s not lab-grown meat or 3D printed flesh. It is derived from actual hens. The issue arises when avaricious chicken farmers force-feed their birds growth hormones, causing them to develop more faster than necessary.

Larger breasts

According to the Wall Street Journal, raising big-breasted chickens to develop quicker is said to have produced “spaghetti meat” in addition to the hard, chewy meat known as “woody breast.”

Therefore, more meat may be produced per bird, increasing profit.

Professor of agriculture and food science at the University of Bologna in Italy, Dr. Massimiliano Petracci, tells the WSJ that “there is proof that these abnormalities are associated with fast-growing birds.”

Industry experts say eating “spaghetti meat” and “wooly breast” won’t harm you, despite their disturbing names.

However, it will damage the chickens since their enormous bodies are too heavy for their little legs to support.

chubby hens
According to data made public by the National Chicken Council, broiler chickens—chickens raised for meat—grow far more quickly than they did in the past. The typical chicken in 2000 weighed 5.03 pounds when it went to market at 47 days old. In 2023, the average chicken still goes to market at 47 days old, but the plump birds now weigh 6.54 pounds.

When comparing these figures to those from almost a century before, it took broilers 112 days to reach a market weight of 2.5 pounds in 1925.

These modifications are a reflection of the industry’s desire to provide chickens with “proportionally larger breasts,” which was spurred by the growing demand for white meat during the previous century.

Professor Michael Lilburn of Ohio State University’s Poultry Research Center comments to the Washington Post, saying that chickens would likely need to get much larger if people continue to eat more and more of them.Additionally, we will need to increase the amount of breast flesh in each bird.

Regarding people’s love of inexpensive chicken goods like sandwiches, wings, and nuggets, Lilburn said, “what people don’t realize is that it’s consumer demand that’s forcing the industry to adjust.” There is a noisy and deceptively small minority that is raising many valid issues. As long as it’s inexpensive, the majority of Americans still don’t care where their food comes from.

The New York Times reports that some businesses are requesting meat from slow-growing chickens, “contending that giving birds more time to grow before slaughter will give them a healthier, happier life – and produce better-tasting meat.” While fast food chains and some grocery stores have, in part, supported the demand for larger breast meat.

“I’m going vegan.”

Online users, however, are criticizing the noodled chicken and voicing their displeasure.

A cyberfan inquires: “It appears to be worms! What food do they provide us?

“A time back, I got some similar to that. That was how it appeared on the bottom. Not everything has appeared as it did when we were younger. Much fresher,” another one says.

“You’ll get humanely raised and better quality chicken from a local butcher or co-op,” other internet users said. For your beef, I suggest visiting there instead.

And a few were motivated to switch to vegetarianism.

“I’m becoming vegan! One says, “There’s too much lab food around,” while another adds, “That’s why we’re considering switching to a pescatarian diet.”

It is very regrettable that these poor animals are going through so much suffering in their little lives as a result of industrial farming.

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