Nicole Kidman Talks About Connor and Isabella, Her Children With Her Ex-Husband Tom Cruise

Expressing her genuine beliefs. Nicole Kidman, who has never discussed her adopted children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, spoke up about their relationship in a recent interview.

On Thursday, November 8, she told Australia’s Who magazine about her son Connor, 23, and daughter Isabella, 25. “I keep that very private.” “I have to protect each and every one of those relationships.

My children are the reason I am here, in my honest opinion, and I would give my life to protect them.

Kidman’s adopted children stayed with their father following the couple’s 2001 divorce, and despite their tumultuous relationship, she still loves them unconditionally.

“They are now adults.” They are capable of making their own decisions. She added, ‘Even if they have decided to become Scientologists, it is my duty as their mother to love them.

And I am a living example of that tolerance because that is my belief: your child is loved no matter what they do, and they should know that I am prepared to show them that love exists.

It’s awful, in my opinion, to take it away from a child and to cut it off from any family, relationship, or child, which is why I believe it to be so important. That being said, it is our duty as parents to constantly love without restrictions.

The Boy Erased actress and 56-year-old Cruise were married from 1990 until 2001. She has previously disclosed Isabella and Connor to Extra in January 2013. “I think everyone has their own path, and when they find their path, it’s such a relief as a parent,” she said at the time.

Despite the Oscar winner’s ongoing worries for Isabella and Connor, Scientology specialist Tony Ortega told Us in October that the siblings are “full-fledged Scientologists and very much under the influence and guidance of their father.”

Following her 2006 marriage to Keith Urban, Kidman has two kids, Faith, 7, and Sunday, 10.

The Church of Scientology has been contacted by Us for comment.

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