Nine items that you need never should use a power strip for

When we reflect back on the past, one of the first things that comes to mind is how people lived before electricity. These days, we can’t imagine a day without it because energy powers all of our gadgets and equipment.

In actuality, most homes lack sufficient power outlets to keep everything charged and operational, therefore most of us rely on power strips without recognizing that doing so exposes high-voltage equipment to risky fire threats.

While power strips work great for powering devices like entertainment systems or charging phones, there are a few things you should never put in one.

Power strips may rapidly overheat and constitute a fire hazard when they are used with high-wattage equipment like toasters, air conditioners, and space heaters.

Determine how much electricity a power strip can take even before you connect anything in. The product commonly states this.

High-capacity appliances need a lot of power to be pulled through an electrical circuit in order to operate. Remember that a large appliance does not always translate into high power consumption.

The list of appliances that ought never to be connected to a power strip is provided below.

  1. The oven: Although it’s not used all the time, the oven uses a lot of electricity and shouldn’t be connected to a power strip. It really need to be connected to a separate wall outlet on a separate circuit.
  2. Refrigerator: Due to their high power requirements and frequent on/off cycles, refrigerators can quickly overload and destroy a power strip. Refrigerators, like ovens, need a wall outlet that is only used to power the device.
  1. Washing machine: Washing machines use a lot of electricity when they are running. This is the primary justification for not putting these gadgets in the same receptacle as any other device or appliance.

The maximum power used by most washing machines is 1400 watts, which is perilously near to the maximum load that most power strips can handle. Furthermore, washing machines are frequently kept on for extended periods of time—at least an hour—during which time a power strip has the potential to overheat.

  1. Heating: Since most portable heaters require 1,500 watts of electricity on high and typically operate for long periods of time, they should never be connected into a power strip.
  1. Microwave: It’s usually a good idea to plug in microwaves because they require a lot of energy when in operation. Most microwave ovens do this.
  2. Coffee Maker: Because coffee makers use a lot of power and most owners are unaware of this, they should never be connected to an extension cable or power strip of any kind.
  1. Toaster: While you would assume that using a toaster to brown bread or bagels won’t consume much energy, toasters really take a lot of energy when in use and should be plugged straight into the outlet rather than using a power strip.
  2. Another Power Strip: Although many individuals do just that, power strips are not intended to be used in combination with one another. However, because it can quickly result in overloading the electrical system, this violates most safety rules.
  3. Electronics (PC, TV, Router): Although these gadgets don’t often consume a lot of power on their own, they are susceptible to surges, and if you plug in a power strip, you run the risk of your computer or TV burning out very rapidly.

Use a power strip that also serves as a surge protector to shield these delicate gadgets from power spikes.

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