Nobody can figure out what he saw in her. One of the most attractive actors in the world is married to this woman.

We’ve only been used to particular Hollywood romance clichés up until this point.

Co-stars who have discreet relationships while being investigated for adultery, young, cute couples who don’t mind sharing their budding romance on social media, and an elderly man in his sixties or seventies who is openly romancing a young, beautiful woman half his age are all examples. We see these paradigms passively and accept them as normal rather than challenging them.

Like many of his predecessors in the profession, most pundits predicted Pierce Brosnan would place last in this category. Despite being the ideal candidate, he skillfully and shamelessly rejected these notions. For perspective, he and Keely have been happily married for twenty years and are parents to two children. Even though their trip has been as passionate and lovely as one could want, poor Keely has suddenly come under poisonous hatred for a terrible and wholly unjustifiable cause.

Thankfully, Pierce resisted. He didn’t think twice about expressing his undying love and support for his wife in front of the critical public and defending her. The following can be inferred from his behavior:

Despite what others may believe, Pierce claims he “loves every curve” of his wife’s physique.

When he first met American journalist Keely Shaye Smith in 1994, Pierce was a widower. His first wife Cassandra Harris passed away unexpectedly from ovarian cancer on December 28, 1991. Pierce was clearly devastated by her passing and confused of how to start his healing after being left to care for three kids alone himself. Keely entered his life at the ideal time, and with her help, he was able to step up and take on the challenging but gratifying responsibilities that come with parenthood.

Her pals offered her weight-loss surgery. But I do appreciate every curve she has. She is, in my view, the most beautiful woman. The five children in our family were likewise born to her. Brosnan, Frazer

They were married in Pierce’s country of origin in 2001, and they brought up their two boys, Dylan and Paris, as their own. They have spent twenty great years together, and their love only grows deeper. In a recent heartfelt 20th anniversary card, Pierce wrote to his wife, “Happy anniversary my dear Keely, my love forever increases with you,” and included two pictures of them, taken 20 years apart and showing the growth of their amazing relationship.

Even though the public ought to only ever have good things to say about the pair, they always find a way to do so. The emphasis of the antagonism seems to be Keely’s physical characteristics, specifically her weight. For whatever reason, the general population is fundamentally astonished and terrified. Pierce shouldn’t have married a someone his own age who was normally attractive. a non-size 0 person who weirdly dislikes bombshells Why is he apparently getting married to an ordinary lady who is out of his league if he has all the riches and power in the world?

Old-fashioned gender assumptions about women and desirability are refuted by his affection for her.

People usually disregard the chance of acquiring weight and going against accepted norms of beauty. You don’t have to live in a culture where your ability to fit in and have minimal effect on others determines your level of success. As you become older, other things may take precedence, and you can discover that you don’t want other people’s praise to boost your confidence and self-assurance. As he has stated, Pierce values Keely for who she is rather than how she seems. When you commit to someone, you declare your readiness to adjust your viewpoint in response to their modifications and to advance alongside them. We wouldn’t have spent millennia attempting to understand the complexity of love if it were a one-time occurrence.

The former James Bond remains unshakeable in his respect for his wife and every facet of her appearance, as he remarked in an interview, even if some of their family members had advised surgery to help Pierce’s wife lose weight. Because she is a complete stranger with a body they have nothing to do with, he doesn’t care if some narrow-minded online people criticize the way she looks. He adores her flaws and kinks.

Pierce actually went above and beyond to express his admiration for Keely’s demeanor and kind nature. She has earned my affection even more because she is the mother of my children. He remarked on Hollywood Star, “I am so incredibly proud of her, and I always work to earn her love.” I used to adore her for who she was, not just her looks, he said.

In some respects, Pierce shouldn’t have even replied to the disparaging remark, much less given the reason for his continued attraction for her after twenty years. On the other hand, seeing an elderly couple demonstrate their love for one another is incredibly endearing. Because older Hollywood stars routinely date gorgeous, young women who are around thirty years their junior, Pierce’s decision to continue with the same lady and keep dating her comes off as curiously rebellious. Women’s bodies and attractiveness are subject to unrealistic expectations; in order to “deserve” love, women must never “let themselves go” and must always be more attractive than males. If they deviate in any way from the norm, they are effectively giving the guys permission to dump them and chase other women at anytime.

Pierce compliments his wife for the role she has played in his life, not for the way she looks. By saving him from the depths of hopelessness, she gave him the chance to develop and find his place in a world so full of suffering and hatred. It is hardly surprising that the pair is still together now.

Love is invincible against criticism.

Keely and Pierce are committed to one another and don’t care what people think of them. As you become older, you discover that attraction and desire are caused by intellectual and emotional connection rather than by illogical ideals. Not simply because they physically thrill you, but because they essentially make up a part of you and you wouldn’t want to be with anybody else, is why you spend time with someone. It just implies that you respect them for reasons other than their physical appearance and traditional ideals of beauty. It doesn’t imply there isn’t any more infatuation left in the tank.

Pierce’s devotion to Keely is proof that you shouldn’t care what other people think. You’ll be able to achieve enduring fulfillment as long as you keep respecting your spouse highly and are prepared to put up with even the slightest “imperfections.” These viewpoints don’t have to alter anything; rather, they serve as a gentle reminder that your love transcends these pointless arguments that pass out with the tide.

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