On a lengthy journey, a lawyer and an elderly passenger are seated next to one another.

On a lengthy journey, a lawyer and an elderly passenger are seated next to one another.

The lawyer believes that because retirees are so simple-minded, he can simply take advantage of them.

The lawyer next inquires as to the pensioner’s interest in playing a game.

The senior respectfully rejects and attempts to get a few winks since he is exhausted and simply wants to take a sleep.

The attorney continues, claiming that the game is quite enjoyable.

If you don’t know the answer to a question I ask you, you simply have to give me £5.00. Then you ask me one, and I’ll give you £500 if I don’t know the answer, he adds.

The elderly notices this and decides to participate in the game in order to silence the lawyer.

The first query is posed by the attorney.

“How far is the Moon away from the Earth?”

While remaining silent, the pensioner goes into his pocket, removes a five-pound note, and delivers it to the attorney.

The retiree’s turn is now. He queries the attorney,

What has three legs that go up a hill and four legs that come down?

The lawyer does a thorough Internet search on all available references using his laptop.

He emails every intelligent buddy he knows, but to no avail.

He searches for an hour before giving up.

He awakens the elderly man and presents him with £500.

The retiree takes the £500.00 and immediately goes back to sleep.

Without knowing the solution, the attorney is going crazy.

He awakens the senior and queries,

What has three legs that go up a hill and four that come down?

The elderly man slips the lawyer £5.00 from his pocket before drifting off to sleep once again.

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