On the anniversary of the passing of his late wife, Dog the Bounty Hunter has delivered a significant bombshell.

Duane Chapman is most known for his work on the iconic television show Dog the Bounty Hunter, where he tracked down some of the most well-known fugitives in the country. He even tried to track out Gabby Petito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie. The show exposed viewers to a number of additional members of Duane’s family, including his beloved wife Beth Chapman. They even had a show of their own, “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.”In 2006, they were married, and they remained so until her dying in 2019. When she was alive, Beth routinely posted updates on Duane’s Instagram page regarding her battle with throat cancer.

In 2019, Beth unfortunately lost her battle with the terminal illness, and Duane wrote an article that would cause anybody to cry. It is 5:32 in Hawaii, therefore she typically rises at this hour to go trekking on Koko Head Mountain. She has only recently ascended the heavenly stairway. We all love you, Beth. On the other side, I’ll see you,” he tweeted.

After Beth passed away, Duane spoke about her on several occasions, most notably in an interview with Hawaii News Now. I was devoted to her. Lazarus was lying there when Jesus said, “Lazarus is not dead; he sleepeth.” “My last words are Beth isn’t dead, she’s asleep,” the man told the media outlet. I’m hoping to run into her again soon. Duane is remembering Beth with a special perspective on this occasion marking the fourth anniversary of her demise.

Duane Chapman, who plays Dog on Dog the Bounty Hunter and is best known to fans as Dog, has dropped a massive bombshell on the anniversary of the death of his late wife Beth Chapman. The star paid tribute to Beth on Instagram while also sharing a devastating truth about his own life.

For the past four years, this day has served as a terrible reminder of one of my biggest losses. But God redeemed this day when I learned that my son Jon, who I just recently met, was born on this day,” Duane started the long caption. “As a result, this day now has new meaning beyond melancholy.

You can see a photo of my son Jon and his wife Jodi. The reality star chose to refrain from providing further information in favor of promoting his new book, “Nine Lives and Counting,” in which he recounts Jon’s whole story. Duane went full circle to finish the update. For everyone who has suffered a severe loss, know that God restores and redeems, he added. Happy birthday to your kid and I love you both.

In the comments section of the page, several followers voiced their thoughts. “I’m really pleased that God gave you a son. “God is a Master of Restoration!!” read one response. Someone another chimed in, “Let’s not forget Beth; she is greatly missed.” Bonnie and Garry, whom he had with Beth, are among the twelve children Duane is proudly the father of. There isn’t much more we know about his son Jon, but we’re hopeful his book will spill some significant beans.

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