One employer had an undone zipper when he comes at work in the morning.

One employer had an undone zipper when he comes at work in the morning. Unsure of how to confront him directly, the secretary comes up to him:

Boss, did you close the garage door before you left this morning?

The man entered the office a little perplexed because the phrase had no effect on him.

As he sits down at his desk to work, he realizes that his zipper is undone.

He chooses to tease the secretary a little because he had an epiphany about what she said at that very time. He asks her to fetch him coffee when he calls her into his office.

Did you see my Jaguar when you saw the garage door open? The secretary responds, momentarily grinning:

No, manager. I observed only a Mini with its two tires deflated.

“A mother boards a bus with a child. The chauffeur remarks:

– That youngster is the ugliest I’ve ever seen, I swear. Furious, the woman walks to the rear of the bus and takes a seat.
She adds as she turns to face the passenger next to her:

-I felt so humiliated by that driver. In response, the person says, “You better go tell him a few things right now, and I’ll hold your monkey for you in the interim.”

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