Online users discuss about the school-issued blouse that a mother forced her kid to wear.

Online users discuss about the school-issued blouse that a mother forced her kid to wear.

That’s what a Texas mother did to discipline her kid after discovering something insightful about him. The child was causing disruptions at school. Administrators at the school informed his mother that he was cruel to other pupils.

It’s not healthy, according to a Texas mother, for her kid to call other classmates “idiots” and “stupid.” The mother then forced her unpleasant kid to wear a T-shirt that read, “I am a BULLY.” Mom wanted the residents in her neighborhood to know that Greenleaf Elementary School was the target of bullying from her son.

She knew that other pupils at the school were aware of her son’s bullying behavior. Thus, she forced her kid to wear an ugly T-shirt in front of thousands of internet users who read his mother’s Facebook post and hundreds of others at school. She took this action to show everyone that she accepted them. Take a look at the shirt’s photo below:

“He was calling other boys stupid and idiots,” KTRK-TV was informed by Star, a Texas mother. Star requested that her first name only be mentioned. “As a parent, I’m very traditional.” I don’t pamper my children. I tell them the truth about everything.

To let as many people as possible know that her kid was cruel, Star posted a photo of him wearing the T-shirt on her Facebook page. Star stated, “I put it up so that I could contact the parents of any children my son might have picked on and ask him to personally apologize to each of them.”

While others believed that Star had gone too far in disciplining her kid for being cruel, Star stuck by her decision and defended herself against online critics who argued she was in error. “What did he learn from it?” inquired Star. “I realized that wasn’t how I wanted to feel, and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way because of me,” he remarked. “That’s precisely what I wanted him to comprehend.” Experts who deal with children disagree with Star’s penalty.

Star’s approach to treating her son was inappropriate, according to a child psychiatrist at Baylor College of Medicine, because the boy was a bully who was injuring other children. “Making your child feel bad about themselves when they are in elementary school is not a good idea,” the child psychiatrist said. “She needs assistance, and I believe the school could be a good place to start.” Despite the criticism she received from some on social media and the internet, Star said that her son’s school system supported her decision. “Parents have the right to make important choices and act in certain ways for their child,” stated Splendora ISD. How do you feel with the way this mother dealt with her son’s harsh behavior?

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