People are praying for Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, a former US president, will transition from medical to hospice care. After “a series of brief hospital admissions,” the 98-year-old would be transferred to a hospice, the Carter Center stated in a statement on Saturday, February 18.

The statement’s quoted line read, “Former US President Jimmy Carter today chose to spend his final days at home with his family and accept hospice care rather than additional medical treatment.”

His family and medical staff are fully behind him, the statement stated. The Carter family requests discretion at this time and understands the concerns of his ardent supporters.

Between 1977 to 1981 or a total of four years, President Carter presided over the country. In 1982, he founded the Carter Center, which has provided funding for many humanitarian initiatives.

President Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his co-founding the Center, which supports global disease prevention and eradication projects, election monitoring, and peace discussions.

He went to North Korea in 1994 for then-President Bill Clinton on a peace mission. He said in 2007 that he was a part of The Elders, a group of independent world leaders that collaborates on peace and human rights issues and includes Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan.

When President George H.W. Bush passed away in 2019 at 94, he earned the distinction of being the president who lived the longest.

President Carter was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2015, but he did not state where the illness had originally manifested.

Later that year, he revealed that melanoma had been discovered in his brain and liver and that he had started receiving treatment with radiation therapy and an immunotherapy medicine. He claimed in a statement from December 2015 that all of his cancer-related testing had come back negative.

The legislator suffered numerous fall-related injuries in 2019 and required surgery to relieve pressure on his skull from the bleeding that resulted from the falls.

He has written 30 novels in the forty years since leaving office, the most recent of which was released only five years ago.

In Plains, Georgia, where he was born and raised, Jimmy continued to teach Sunday school. He and his wife Rosalynn, whom he married in 1946, also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for a week each year.

Jack, James III, Donnel, and Amy are the names of Jimmy and Rosalynn’s three sons. Additionally, they have 13 great-grandchildren and 12 grandchildren.

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