Please say a prayer for my family; we really need the fortitude.

The son-in-law and daughter Natalie of Missouri politician Ben Baker were murdered by thugs in Haiti.

Today, US Republican lawmaker Ben Baker learned that his daughter, a missionary, had died in Haiti.

She is said to have passed away concurrently with her spouse, Davy.

Baker announced that his daughter Natalie, together with her companion Davy, were missionaries living in Haiti full-time.

The Missouri legislator posted on Facebook, saying, “My heart is broken in a thousand pieces.” I have never experienced such intense pain before.

My daughter Davy and her husband Natalie Lloyd are full-time missionaries in Haiti, as many in my town are aware.

“They were attacked by gangs this evening, and they were killed.” Together, the two of them entered Heaven.

“Please pray for my family; we really need it.” Remember to offer prayers for the Lloyd family as well. I have run out of things to say right now.

On social media, many individuals expressed their sorrow and sympathies.

“Oh Ben, my heart hurts for all of you,” someone wrote. There are no words.

“I will continue to pray for each of you.” Sending you all lots of kisses.

A buddy said, “We are calling out your family’s name in prayer tonight.”

“We are so very sorry,” remarked a different person.

Major criminal groups and those who support them have been engaged in a vicious gang war in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, since 2020.

It has been difficult for the Haitian government and security services to maintain control over the city. Up to 90% of the city was reportedly under the control of more than 200 gangs by the previous year.

People there struggle daily to survive.

Gang members incited unrest throughout the capital in March in an attempt to get acting prime minister Ariel Henry to resign.

Gangs burst into two jails, releasing thousands of inmates, including Delmas 95 gang head Ti Greg. This ushered in a new chapter of bloodshed that nearly drove Haiti to its knees.

Many were raped, burned, or abducted, and thousands of people were killed as opposing warring gangs coordinated their attacks.

The US military evacuated embassy employees from the nation while the bodies piled up in the streets and worked quickly to secure the embassy.

Numerous diplomats, including the German ambassador and US employees, evacuated the capital.

A curfew was imposed and a state of emergency was declared by the Haitian government. Acting prime minister Henry promised to resign as soon as a transitional administration was formed.

Henry’s departure became effective when Haiti’s transition government assumed power in April, and the nation began its efforts to return to a secure state.

However, there is still terror surrounding the infamous warlord Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier.

It’s said that Barbecue, a homicidal ex-top officer, earned his moniker by burning his victims alive.

He has been terrorizing the city’s poorest neighborhoods for a long time as the boss of G9, the most violent gang in the capital.

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