Prince William was forced to make a difficult decision, and Kate Middleton’s health was updated.

Prince William was forced to make a difficult decision, and Kate Middleton’s health was updated.

A few weeks after the Princess of Wales left the hospital following abdominal surgery, Kensington Palace provided an update on Kate Middleton’s condition.

Thirteen days after her surgery, Middleton is still recovering at home, according to many press reports, and she is “doing well.” It is unclear when or if the Royal Family will provide any details on Kate’s specific illness that required surgery.

In addition, there haven’t been many official updates about Kate’s condition, which has generated a lot of unwarranted speculation.

Concha Calleja, a Spanish journalist, made an allegation that Kensington Palace was forced to refute: she claimed that the Princess had been placed into a coma following her operation.

The Royal Family vehemently rejected it, stating thereafter that the Princess of Wales is developing well. Kate most likely won’t be able to attend any more royal functions until this year’s Easter at the latest.

Due to a “personal matter,” Kensington Palace stated twice this morning that Prince William will not be attending a memorial ceremony for the late King Constantine of Greece.

Kate Middleton is “doing well,” the Palace swiftly added, possibly to quell the suspicions before things grew any worse.

William reportedly contacted the Greek family to let them know he wouldn’t be able to make it to the King Constantine service at St. George’s Chapel, where he was scheduled to read.

The Daily Express claims that King Charles, who is undergoing cancer treatment, would also be unable to attend the event. Rather, the Royal Family would be led by Queen Camilla to the monument.

The news that was released today regarding Kate will undoubtedly be positively received by royal enthusiasts worldwide. The Princess appears to be doing well, according to the Palace, but the lack of information hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MAY 10: On May 10, 2022, in Manchester, England, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, arrive at Manchester Cathedral. The Glade of Light Memorial honors those who perished in the terrorist attack that happened on May 22, 2017, following an Ariana Grande performance at Manchester Arena. Pictures courtesy of Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

A Spanish reporter stated yesterday that Kate’s recuperation wasn’t going well, after reports that she had hired a private assistant.

“The British royal household has done something that none of us understand,” stated journalist Aurelio Manzano.

“We don’t see a picture of Kate, but on the one hand, they leak that she has hired a personal assistant to make it look like she is doing things at home.” Until we see it, the discussion over it won’t end.

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