Remain resilient. We are praying for Justin Bieber and his family at this difficult time.

Following a reported shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, Justin Bieber expresses his sadness over the passing of Chris King, a friend in the music industry.

With the help of fellow musician Trippie Redd, the rapper rose to fame.

Chris and Justin were seen hugging in a video that Justin posted on his Instagram Stories.

“I love you, bro,” he penned beside the picture.

This one aches. Justin urged his followers to pray for his family.

As this came to a close, Justin remarked, “See you in paradise, brother.”

Trippie Redd posted a few of photos of Chris and Justin on Instagram.

“I’m so hurt right now I can’t even think,” the rapper sobbed.

“I love you, buddy. Please return.” Trippie Red says she included numerous emojis depicting shattered hearts.

Chris posted a late-night Instagram story on Friday night that included a pal named Courtland Young. Afterwards, he uploaded something to his own story.

“I just can’t reply to every direct message you send me.He remarked, “I had his back, I understood him, and I was his friend.

The artist claimed that “people in his life can tell you to shut up about things you don’t know.”

Courtland stated, “I’ve been on the phone with his family and close friend, but I can’t speak on this [right now].”

“I just saw a close friend commit suicide, and now I’m being asked questions? “Get the f**k out!” he cried out.

He said to those who followed him, “Please let his family grieve while things get worked out.”

DJ Scheme, the 26-year-old Industry rapper for Chris, sent the message “RIP” on the former Twitter platform, X.

“This is ridiculous, what the heck?” He inquired.

“Rest in peace, Chris King,” remarked DJ Scheme.

Many followers expressed their horror after hearing the awful news.

A person on X exclaimed, “What?!?”

“Damn, bro, is it real?” questioned a second.

The same individual said, “This s**t is unbelievable.”

“No way,” three individuals exclaimed. Godspeed, dude.

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