See Inside This $4,500 Old Truck Converted Into A Luxurious Home by a Couple

Usually requiring a large financial outlay, buying a home marks the culmination of our transition to adulthood. Purchasing a home requires you to commit to living there until your mortgage is paid off, so you shouldn’t make this choice hastily.

But one pair has figured out a clever solution to get around the sedentary lifestyle that comes with becoming homeowners. The British couple didn’t think owning a standard property would be advantageous for them because they love to travel. They were also quite worried about how Brexit would impact whatever purchases they made.

Rather, they made the decision to buy something that would provide them the flexibility to travel and own something that was solely theirs, giving them a comfortable place to live. Nothing they first saw met their vision when searching for RVs.

Their search was put on hold for a while, but one day Martin’s remark started a domino effect that sent them down a completely different path.

Martin started reflecting on how things are done differently in America while enjoying a few drinks with Iona. What would an American couple do if they were in their shoes? Martin jokingly said that they could just purchase a “big American truck” and move in together.

But Iona wasn’t chuckling. Instead, she thought it out carefully, and it began to make more and more sense. She told Martin that he had the finest idea they had ever had together. The couple quickly checked what was available on Ebay, and soon they were buying a used bread delivery truck for $4,670.

They bought it immediately.

The couple was overjoyed with their purchase and set to work envisioning how they would turn the massive truck into their dream house. Following weeks of careful planning, budgeting, and drafting, they finally settled on a $25,000 ultimate budget.

Iona was in charge of interior design, but Martin, who made his career as a handyman, felt confident in his ability to assemble a wide range of practical objects. Together, they took a four-month hiatus from work, utilizing every spare moment to convert their van into a home.

Their abilities came together well, and after a great deal of labor, they were left with an area that was transformed and just gorgeous.

With the structure of a truck and the windows and door of an RV, the truck appears to be an odd combination of equipment from the outside. However, the interior design is stunning.

The kitchen is the first thing you see when you first come in; it has wide counters, a stove, a full-sized oven, a large sink, and lots of storage. It seems like it belongs in any upscale home.

The living space, which features a wood-burning fireplace to keep them warm at night, is then just next to the kitchen. At night, the L-shaped sofa easily converts into a bed. However, the couch bed is for overnight visitors, not for the pair.

The pair stays upstairs instead. There’s a little set of stairs, but that leads to their bedroom. It’s not a big deal, but other people spend a lot more for far less. Their bathroom is the smallest space in the house. It is contained in a single room with a small basin, toilet, and shower.

Iona added some unique elements as well, like hand-painted portraits.

Martin and Iona made the decision to maximize their home’s functionality not long after the renovations were finished. The pair hopped onto their opulent mobile home and made their way to a French boat.

Now, while they travel across the mountains, beaches, and many cultures of Europe, they return each evening to a very special place.

Would you purchase an old vehicle and modify it in this manner? Share your opinions with us.

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