Shattered hearts

Cherished At the age of twelve, Saoírse Ruane, a cast member of The Late Late Toy Show, passed away from cancer.

Her family announced this morning that the courageous Galway child, whose presence on the Toy Show captured the hearts of people across, passed away on Tuesday.

November 2019 saw Saoírse’s cancer diagnosis following complaints of an ankle injury. Her leg was amputated in 2020 due to the discovery that an osteosarcoma tumor in her tibia was malignant and would probably kill her.

Saoírse’s tale gained popularity when she appeared with Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Toy Show in 2020.

Everyone was astounded by the Galway girl’s resilience and strength during her battle with an uncommon kind of bone cancer.

Roseanna and Ollie, Saoirse’s parents, as well as her younger sister Farrah-Rose, are devastated by her passing.

“After a long brave and dignified battle, our hearts are shattered to tell you that our beautiful little Saoírse took her last breath in our arms on Tuesday,” they said, announcing their sad loss to the world.

We are grateful to all of our amazing fans who have been thinking of Saoírse and us these last few weeks.

“We also think of you today because we know how much Saoírse changed so many people’s lives and how much the country loved her.”

“You stole her from us, cancer. You also took away our life and our dreams. Never again will things be the same!

“As we embark on our last and final trip with our beautiful girl, please give us some space.”Mamma Dadda and Farrah Rose.

Stars from the entertainment industry as well as President Michael D. Higgins have paid their respects to the cherished young lady. The Toy Show featured her story in its inaugural year of a massive charity drive.

In November of last year, Saoírse’s family provided a “devastating” health update, stating that her cancer had progressed during her struggle.

They said that learning that the disease had migrated to her other lung was a “huge shock” to them following the discovery of a recurrent tumor in her left lung earlier in 2023.

The fact that Saoírse needed to undergo further chemotherapy made it her “biggest battle to date.”

“Little did they know that their world was about to fall apart again,” Roseanna said in April.

“Simply saying that we’re devastated is insufficient,” she remarked. She has fought so hard and in so many wars; it is not fair.

A number of Saoírse’s wishes had already come true, such as seeing Manchester United play at Old Trafford and taking her ideal trip to Disneyland.

Upon learning of Saoírse’s passing, many offered her condolence messages.

“President Higgins has sent his deepest condolences to the family of Saoírse Ruane from Kiltullagh, Co. Galway, following her death at the age of 12,” the President Michael D. Higgins’s office stated. Saoírse’s generosity and courage touched everyone.

Moreover, Tanaiste Micheal Martin expressed his sadness for Saoirse Ruane’s passing.

“I will never forget my first encounter with Saoirse and her mother Roseanna in Croke Park, when I witnessed her lovely smile and affection for GAA.”

“What an amazing thing she left behind is the Toy Show Appeal.” We mourn the loss experienced by her friends and family.

Tears in the tubs
Former Late Late host Ryan Tubridy grew close to Saoirse’s family following her debut on The Toy Show. Without her, he claimed, the “world is a poorer place.”

He claimed that he had the worst sorrows imaginable upon learning of the passing of his close friend Saoírse Ruane.

“We bonded immediately after meeting.” She became the object of adoration for people all throughout the nation, and as a result, a charity was established. She improved and gave hope to hundreds of Irish children’s lives while doing this.

“A selfless, modest, kind, hopeful, and thoughtful child.” Her passing will cause many of us to reflect on what our nation ought to and should be. She was everything that it could be.

“Roseanna, Ollie, and Farrah Rose have my deepest sympathies and all of my love.” They are a lovely family whose tragic circumstances have completely upended their existence.

“We appreciate them telling us about their incredible Saorse.”

“Saoirse’s absence has made the world a poorer place, but I do hope that sparkle in her eye never goes away.”

Saoírse’s legacy
Radio broadcaster Roz Purcell of RTE 2FM stated, “Saoirse left a huge mark and mark on Ireland; no one will forget that.”

“She accomplished so much in 12 years.” Peace be with her as she rests. Consider how much her friends and family will miss her.

“I’m very sorry to read this,” said Ireland’s rugby captain Patrick O’Mahony. She served as an example.

Rosana, I apologize so much, RTE’s Kathryn Thomas remarked. Our lives have been greatly improved by your adorable daughter.

“A tiny portion of the impact she had on your life.” That grin is wonderful. Considering each and every one of you. “Little angel, please take it easy.”

FM Today “My beautiful friend” was written by DJ Declan Pierce. It really hurts my heart.

The most enjoyable aspect of my work is getting to know Saoírse via the radio program. I will always and forever adore you, from the bottom of my heart.

On her blog, singer RuthAnne stated, “Heartbroken.” Her boldness had no limits, and she was genuinely exceptional.

“I’m so grateful that I got to meet her and sing alongside her. What a privilege!

That is something I will always cherish and be near and dear to. To everyone, many blessings and love.

On Sunday at 1:45 p.m., Saoirse’s funeral will take place in St. Peter and Paul’s Church in Kiltullagh.

Additionally, it stated, “On Friday, March 8, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saoírse will rest at home.”

“A bus service will depart from the Bullaun Church parking lot (H62 YH66). Please only take the bus service to come to the event; do not disregard the stewards’ instructions.”

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