She Responds to Critics After They Criticize Her for Wearing a Transparent Wedding Dress

The wedding gown has long been seen as a representation of the deep meaning of nuptials, bringing together many families in a loving marriage.

Weddings may lead to agreements between businesses or kingdoms in powerful circles, which emphasizes the significance of the wedding dress as a status and manner symbol.

Queen Victoria popularized the pattern of long, white gowns with cathedral-length veils and voluminous sleeves for wedding dresses around 1840. But in order to represent their own tastes, brides are also altering traditional design and color schemes.

The lengthy, sometimes boring stereotype no longer applies to wedding dresses. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, including short and mid-length, straight, mermaid, sheath, and fit and flare. Some brides even choose to wear non-white hues instead of the customary white.

But these changes to the status quo have spurred discussions about the moral limits of bridal dress. Ellie Gonsalves, a model and influencer, is one recent example of this; for her wedding, she wore three different outfits, one of which was transparent and caused quite a stir.

Born in 1990 in Brisbane, Australia, Ellie Gonsalves began her modeling career in her teens when a talent scout saw her. Her early experience in the modeling industry sparked a desire that she has pursued professionally. Later, she dabbled with social media, which increased her notoriety and impact.

Gonsalves gained notoriety for providing behind-the-scenes looks at the fashion and entertainment sectors after taking part in the Australian edition of the reality TV program “Big Brother” in 2021. Additionally, she appeared on the cover of MAXIM Australia magazine several times.

Along with her work, Gonsalves promotes healthy beauty standards and self-acceptance as a global spokesperson for the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors foundation. She exhorts women to follow their passions without letting social expectations hold them back.

Given her considerable internet profile, Gonsalves’ marriage to her companion of 14 years, Ross Scutts, attracted a lot of attention in Australia. There were just close friends and family members present at their little wedding. Gonsalves caused a stir on social media when she changed into a transparent wedding gown for the reception after exchanging vows in a stunning lace gown.

The translucent wedding dress was criticized for being unsuitable for a wedding, which sparked contentious remarks and discussions. Gonsalves, however, gave an uncompromising response to her detractors, saying that she and her husband were happy with their wedding decision and had a great time.

Gonsalves addressed the criticism and hatred surrounding her wedding dress in an editorial for 9Honey. She supported her decision and underlined how crucial it is for women to have sovereignty over their bodies and choices. Gonsalves advocated for a more accepting and encouraging community that honors women’s autonomy via their own choices.

Fans flooded her letter with love, applauding her for standing up to limiting notions and embracing her uniqueness. To sum up, Ellie Gonsalves’s decision to wear a transparent wedding dress sparked a discussion about wedding fashion while also emphasizing the worth of giving women the freedom to choose what they want and what their principles dictate.

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