She was caught on camera as she fell inside the store.

You may have seen the picture of the woman collapsing at the grocery store. This occurrence happened in 2012. The original photograph acquired popularity and became a well-known meme once the caption was added.

After acknowledging that she is the woman in the picture, Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson discussed “Her 15 Minutes of FAME” in the following manner:

My fifteen minutes of stardom are up. You have undoubtedly seen the picture. The worst thing is that she misleads others into thinking that if an obese person falls out of a stroller, it’s because they’re too slow to get up and get the juice they want.

I have a very serious spinal issue where one of the vertebrae has displaced. The most common signs of the condition are weakness in the body and legs. I’m also fat, which contributes to my constant sadness. Despite joining a gym, I still have trouble keeping my weight under control. I battle my illness every day.

I pushed a stroller since I was in a lot of discomfort when I shot the picture in 2012. I chose to buy juice for my husband since he consumed it in large quantities. I reached over to pick it up, but the stroller slipped. Since I was used to people talking badly about me, I stopped thinking about the issue.

Even if you cannot see it, I do have real restrictions. So the next time you see pictures of people making fun of you, remember that you don’t know anything about those individuals or the issues they face every day. Never provoke mockery from others.

I do not encourage anyone to recognize that obesity is a condition that relates to a variety of other illnesses. I don’t, however, plead for pity or want people to feel bad for me. I’m seeking consideration, sensitivity, and respect for the other person. I am a person, therefore please treat me like one.

If you agree with this woman’s message, please spread the word—it’s crucial!

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