She’d been in an accident and lost her hands.

The young patient Alexia, whose hands were repaired by the doctors, has good news. Her father was the one who was most unhappy when she returned home.

The joyful conclusion to Alexia’s story involves her recovering her hands from the doctors after accidently losing them.

Alexia, the young woman who discovered her hands, returned home.
By some New Year’s miracle, Alexia, who had suffered partial hand amputations in the Pascani bus disaster, reached her family. However, the doctors were able to replace them thanks to a miraculous medical process.

On New Year’s Day, Alexia’s friends and family welcomed her home with open arms and applause. They were relieved to see their much-loved child alive and, most importantly, with her hands still in tact.

“I’m at ease right now. a significant improvement over the hospital setting. But it was also a nice place. The atmosphere was improved with the help of the physicians. I feel glad. It is a lot of fun. I am forward to visit everyone. An emotional Alexia was heard telling Monitorul de Borosani, “I felt excited when I got home.

The girl’s father, according to Alexia’s brother, was the one who was most distraught when she arrived home. He was unable to control his emotions as his daughter returned to the house.

Launching an operating system

“Alexia had a treatment that is the second in the world and a FIRST for Europe. According to the surgeon Sidonia Susanu, our team completed the only bilateral arm replantation ever documented in Europe and the second in the world following a series of 7 surgeries taking more than 50 hours. The surgical team also included the following doctors: Drs. Mara Popescu, Daniela Botez, Bogdan Caba, Laurens Gardikiotis, Roxana Cretu, Romica Rusu, Andrei Ivan, Lavinia Lonescu, Veaceslav Cuciuc, Tudor Ciobanu, Dana Horobet, and Mimi Fermesanu.

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