STAR GONE in Terrifying Mishap

The actor who portrayed George in GOGGLEBOX, George Gilbey, was an electrician who passed away in a scaffold-covered warehouse. He had just forty years of age.

His most well-known appearance was on the Channel 4 program Gogglebox alongside his relatives.

As soon as he and his mother Linda and stepfather Pete McGarry entered the second season in 2013, fans fell in love.

In 2014, the Essex family was removed from the program. He left Celebrity Big Brother to pursue a career as an electrician.

He served three months in prison for driving under the influence in 2019. After his release, he secured employment at a warehouse.

George’s pals gathered together at a local bar last night while the police were at the EGL Homecare warehouse, the scene of his death. George lived in Clacton.

You could see temporary steps and scaffolding from the outside.

The police have finally revealed the reason of his death.

“We were informed of an incident at Campfield Road in Shoebury at roughly 10 a.m. this morning (March 27), in which a man who was working at height had fallen and hurt himself,” Essex Police stated yesterday.

“There was an air ambulance available from the ambulance service.” It’s tragic that the man passed away right there.

“We intend to maintain communication with our partners, including the Health and Safety Executive.”

“A cordon is still in place at the location.”

After serving three months in jail for driving under the influence in 2019, the TV personality has been working hard to “turn his life around for his family,” according to the celebrity’s pals last night.

They told The Sun, “This shouldn’t happen to anyone so young—40 is not an age.” To support his family, he started coming to the gym and working out hard.

“This will cause a great deal of pain for his family, especially Linda.” After losing Pete, she has now also lost her son.

“She has a lot of emotion.” For her, George was a tiny priceless gem.

“He was a good man who loved his family dearly.” “He was entertaining to watch, but he liked to party a lot.”

Pete, his 71-year-old stepdad, passed away too soon after being diagnosed with colon cancer three years prior.

In 2015, George happened to run encounter Gemma Conway, his ex-girlfriend, at the Ascot races.

They also welcomed a daughter, Amelie, in 2016. However, George was given a community order in 2018 for striking Gemma at their Twickenham, South West London, home.

George, Linda, and Pete returned to the Gogglebox sofa in 2016. The singer has always been a part of the “family,” according to a statement released by Channel 4 yesterday.

Along with his mother Linda and stepfather Pete, George was a part of the Gogglebox family for eight seasons, according to the description.

During this extremely sad time, Linda, George’s family, and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

“Space is what the family has requested.”

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