Teens hurry a “frozen” critter they discover stranded beneath a car to the veterinarian, who is shocked by what they see.

Two male teenagers were taking a stroll in their neighborhood when they noticed several people congregated around a vehicle.

They tried to see what the group was looking at as they got closer, but it was the strangest thing they had ever seen.

The creature remained perfectly still and devoid of movement.

Though the lads knew they had to act quickly to save the animal, they had no idea how to save the poor thing.

Friends Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart found the odd discovery close to the town of Saint Andrews in New Brunswick, according to the Canadian news agency CBC.

The two adolescent guys would get recognition for their bravery before the day was out.

When they noticed several of them gathered together, they had to look into what was making people stop and stare. Even up close, though, they had no idea what they were looking at.

The animal was almost unrecognizable, as if it had been frozen solid.

Beneath a car was a squirrel caught in insulating foam. They knew how short its earthly life was.

According to Jaydon, 15, “It was unrecognizable,” he told CBC Canada.

The boys realized the squirrel required care but didn’t know how to give it, so they went inside a grocery shop and picked out a miniature milk container to keep it.

As time passed, things got worse and no one in the area could give the lads any advice.

The children begged for help over the phones to friends and family.

Then Jaydon’s mother stepped in and made a 20-mile call to a veterinarian, asking that the animal be brought in immediately.

St. George Veterinary Clinic’s Dr. Melanie Eagan said, “This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

She said the squirrel was so wrapped in insulating foam that it could not move its back legs.

If the boys hadn’t rushed so quickly and their mother hadn’t helped them get the squirrel inside, the squirrel wouldn’t have survived.

The doctor speculated that the animal may have been living in someone’s shed, garage, or cellar when it became tangled in the fabric.

“Become upset”
“This little guy ran through it while it was still wet, and it seems like someone was trying to seal off a hole to prevent a draft,” the woman said. But that stuff solidifies quite quickly, so it wouldn’t have taken him long to become upset.

She said that rubbing alcohol, perseverance, and patience were needed to remove the foam from the animal’s fur. She continued to brush it out, causing the animal to lose some fur.

The squirrel has been permitted to re-enter the wild ever since.

Thank goodness, these two good-hearted teens moved swiftly to save the poor creature! Please spread the word to honor their hard work!

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