The adored Oscar-winning actress who dazzled everyone with her talent and beauty has vanished.

Geena Davis made a rare public appearance in Los Angeles on Sunday, almost completely changed when she left the house to run errands.

The 65-year-old actress wore a blue hijab and a light-colored sweater with a cat theme as she went about her day barefoot.

Geena had a nearly 40-year career thanks to parts in films including Thelma & Louise, Beetlejuice, and A League Of Their Own.

Geena wore her festive sweater with flared blue jeans. Geena and Susan Sarandon last appeared together in public at a special anniversary charity showing of Thelma and Louise.

For the occasion, the actress opted not to wear any makeup, and her auburn hair hung loosely about her shoulders.

Geena cut a stunning figure as she and Susan, 75, attended a special drive-in charity screening of their now-classic movie Thelma And Louise in June to commemorate the movie’s 30th anniversary.

The couple could not contain their pleasure as they sat in the front seats of a 1966 aqua Ford Thunderbird and put on a passionate show for the cameras.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of a vintage Ford Thunderbird, similar to the one in the wonderful Ridley Scott film, the Academy Award winners took a selfie that looked exactly like the one on the Thelma & Louise poster.

According to Page Six, Geena and her 50-year-old ex-husband Dr. Reza Jarrahy reportedly concluded their contentious divorce last month.

The fourth spouse of the Stuart Little actress divorced her in 2017, and the two have been going through a bitter divorce ever since.

After 16 years of marriage, Davis and Jarrahy have three children together: Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy, 19, and twin sons Kaiis Steven and Kian William Jarrahy, both 17 years old.

Sources told Page Six that Davis regularly interfered with the child plastic surgeon’s efforts to mediate an equal division of the family’s assets and custody.

According to the insider, Davis allegedly told her ex to “speak up,” refused to divide their assets, and insisted that they were never legally married.

The insider claimed that Reza found the terms of the covert agreement to be “very unfavorable, who agreed to settle only to put this behind him and be free of the nightmare Geena had manufactured for him.”

On November 15, 2017, after 16 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce for the first time, with Jarrahy claiming that Davis had kicked him out of their Pacific Palisades home.

The surgeon found glaring inconsistencies in the documentation, which was filed under aliases.

In 1998, when Davis was just 27 years old, Reza first met him at a party. Davis at the time was 42. They were married on September 1, 2001, and their first kid was born the following year.

Prior to meeting Jarrahy, Davis had three previous marriages that ended in divorce.

She first married Richard Emmolo, the owner of a restaurant, in March 1982, after three years of cohabitating. Nevertheless, as her acting career took off the next year, the marriage fell apart.

She co-starred in the movies Transylvania 6-5000 and The Fly with actor Jeff Goldblum, whom she married in 1987.

Before divorcing, they later worked together on the 1989 movie Earth Girls Are Easy.

From 1993 to 1998, Davis was wed to director Renny Harlin, with whom she appeared in the movies Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight.

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