The legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne has bad news.

Ozzy Osbourne was spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles a few days after his wife Sharon was sent to the hospital due to a medical emergency, and he appeared quite lean.

This week, Ozzy Osbourne was seen using a cart or walking stick to pick up groceries in Los Angeles. He appeared to be incredibly exposed. The Black Sabbath singer’s existing neck condition was made worse by a fall in 2019; he now always uses a walking stick.

After a severe medical emergency, Ozzy Osbourne, 74, was recently seen shopping without his wife Sharon, 70. Sharon had just been released from the hospital.

Ozzy was photographed on Monday visiting the Erewhon Market in Los Angeles. He was dressed casually in a black tracksuit and a grey tartan jacket.

Ozzy recently acknowledged that he “can’t walk much now” due to a fall in 2019 that exacerbated a neck injury from a quad bike accident in 2003. All of this takes place simultaneously.

Ozzy revealed he had Parkinson’s disease in 2020, a year after aggravating the neck illness that is already seriously impairing his ability to move.

Ozzy Osbourne was seen on Monday at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles with a man who was supporting himself by clinging onto the cart. After his wife Sharon received permission to leave the hospital, the musician visited the upscale shop to stock up on necessities.

Ozzy Osbourne would have stood by Sharon Osbourne’s side in the hospital if she had experienced a medical emergency this week while she and her son Jack were filming a spooky TV show in California. Since then, Sharon has spoken out, telling her Instagram followers that she is “back home and doing wonderful” while sharing a joyful holiday photo with her dog.

The hitmaker was given a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 2003, and in 2019, he suffered a terrible fall that made an existing neck injury worse. In 2003, the hitmaker was involved in a quad bike accident. Parkinson’s disease is defined by the NHS as a condition in which some brain regions gradually deteriorate over an extended period of time. The main symptoms are slowness of movement, stiff or unflexible muscles, and uncontrollable shaking of particular body parts.

Ozzy Osbourne was injured in a quad bike accident on the property of his English country home in 2001, suffering eight broken ribs and a fractured neck vertebra. A fall in 2019 revived nerve damage that was induced by this incident. The actor experienced nerve pain in his neck, back, shoulders, and arms, 15 screws in his back from spinal surgery, and he was afraid of receiving “bolts in his neck.”

Just two months after undergoing “life-altering surgery,” Ozzy Osbourne made his stage comeback in August in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony. After his initial spinal surgery in 2019, Ozzy claimed in an interview with The Sun earlier this month that he had been told he would be forever disabled.

Ozzy Osbourne believes that despite having severe mobility issues, he would dearly love to continue traveling. In a recent interview, he declared: “I want to be doing it. This process was terrible for this person. You fg stupid, you don’t understand. The truth is that although I can no longer walk very far, I can still think clearly, be creative, and sing. It’s unfathomably annoying how f**g frustrating life has gotten. It’s remarkable how life progresses and how one poor decision may lead to a protracted period of chaos. I’ve never been ill for as long as I am now. The doctor cautioned me that there was a strong risk I would become paralyzed from the neck down if I didn’t have the treatment.

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