The star’s life story is quite sad.

Hey, we understand that it’s important to have a large number of influential female figures at this time. However, instead of feeling empowered, the most recent interview with Glamour by famous author Danielle Steel left us feeling scolded and disheartened. Actually, it’s essentially everything that contributes to the perception that “mothers must handle everything physically,” causing many of us to experience intense worry and grief.

The very successful writer has authored 179 books and has nine children, yet she argues that exhaustion and the need for a break are common issues among millennials. We’re sorry. I am offended, Ms. Steel, since this writer is a member of Generation X who appreciates getting rest.

As reported by Glamour, Steel had a conversation with her son and his partner, who are both in their 20s, when she referred to this “millennial disease.” Apparently, her son was boasting about how he consistently completes his work on time and gets to enjoy complimentary food, drink, and video games at his modern office. Steel thought this to be annoying. They expect to have a good time, she commented. However, in my view, it is important to dedicate your 20s and a substantial part of your 30s to diligently enhancing your future quality of life. Well, at 25, I never expected such a high standard of living. I held three jobs simultaneously, and I wrote in my spare time. Now, it is assured that everything will be pleasurable.

Alright, we comprehend the discontent with the notion that “everybody obtains a trendy workplace with complimentary beer before turning 25” — and how it might be quite disagreeable for individuals who lack such a level of advantage in their life. Nevertheless, we consider Steel’s disregard for sleep disrespectful, especially considering her role as a mother. We need to establish a boundary at that point. Glamour asserts that Steel operates for 20 to 22 hours daily. You read that properly; And around twice a month, when she goes through “the crunch,” she will skip her leisurely two to four hours of beauty sleep and instead work continuously all night in her cashmere nightgown: “Regardless of whether I’m dead or alive, or if it’s raining or shining, I go to my desk and do my job. She told the magazine that she occasionally finishes reading a book in the morning and begins a different task in the afternoon.

Wow, Danielle, that’s fantastic. I’m now at a point in my career where I haven’t yet experienced: 1) a workplace with IPA available on tap. 2) a nightgown made of cashmere OR 3) the ability to operate pretty well as a working mother with only six hours of sleep each night on a regular basis. Does that imply I am a worthless individual? Not at all. Furthermore, Ms. Steel, if I may be so audacious: While you worked 22 to 24 hours a day, who on earth was taking care of your nine kids? This doesn’t seem logical in some manner. Illusions, deception, and imperceptible childcare may seem appealing if one has the luxury, but the majority of individuals would find it difficult to fathom raising nine children whom they would only catch a glimpse of for a brief moment in the morning beside the toaster.

Regardless of Steel’s intentions, her words may have offended a large group of working mothers who are juggling various responsibilities such as taking care of their children, aging parents, work, household chores, personal life, and self-care to maintain their well-being.

During her conversation with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Steel talked about her novel Dangerous Games from 2017 and mentioned, “I typically handle about five projects simultaneously…” It’s exciting, like going through flaming hoops.

It seems like Steel and sleep are in conflict. She confessed to Glamour that she doesn’t go to bed until she’s really tired and could sleep on the floor. Four hours is actually a great night for me if I get them.

It is worth mentioning that Steel, who is 71, avoided answering the interviewer’s question about whether her advanced age had any impact on her performance. She mentioned that she wished to pass away with her face resting on the keyboard, recalling a statement she claimed Agatha Christie had made to her. Wow.

Thus, according to Steel, self-care or balance for working mothers is for individuals who are easily affected, much like sleep. Also, coffee is included: Steel only drinks decaffeinated coffee, plain bread (which is hard to believe), and unsweetened chocolate bars. And the crying of people like me who are interested in knowing if she is really a robot.

Is this woman behaving appropriately? That relies on how you define “correct,” I guess. In the end, every single one of her creations has attained extraordinary accomplishment. Based on that criterion, I would concur that she is achieving.

Is Steel becoming softer as she gets older? She admitted to Glamour that she may, possibly, like to have “a bit more enjoyment.” However, don’t worry; she’s taking care of it because of her shopping in Paris and a week off in the south of France, where she says she plans to read several novels in addition to her own manuscripts.

Is Steel’s way of living and path to success something I would like for myself in general, disregarding fame and wealth? Oh, really? Is it something that other working mothers – really, any mother – should aim for? Actually, we don’t think that’s true. Nevertheless, you do you. In fact, the negative effects of sleep deprivation and inadequate self-care have been extensively studied and recognized, not just by those with unique characteristics or younger generations.

Individuals, exhaustion is a genuine phenomenon. Moreover, mental well-being is both authentic and uncertain. Under this strict self-imposed routine, many individuals would come dangerously close to reaching their personal limit. While Steely Steel may confirm its efficacy, there are other hazards linked to embracing such a work-oriented lifestyle. I will abstain, please, and I hope my friends who are mothers would do the same. since my bed and my children are both beckoning. I can do my assignment tomorrow after work. even if it means I never make it onto the New York Times bestsellers list.

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